When I decided to launch my business back in 2015 my first thought was, “I need a website for my business!).

Did I go through and do market research and understand who my target customers were?  Nope!

I set out to create a website that I loved with colors I loved, and I wrote all the copy. (With no research or a clear understanding of what I was doing!) 

In mid-2016 I transitioned my business to focus on having an online-client base.  I was done being tied down to my office and I desired to be a nomadic entrepreneur.

With a new focus, I needed to get serious about my business website.

(Side note, when I launched my business I wasn’t privy on how to build my business online, I spent close to a year figuring it all out!) 

I needed my business website to start working for me. To be my secretary, where people could book a time to have a consultation call with me. It needed to generate organic leads through SEO. And more importantly, I needed to highlight an opt-in to help me grow my email list!

I want you to start thinking of your website as your first employee. For it to start working for you and helping you grow your business! 

So, I invited Ashley Kaplan, a strategic WordPress Designer onto the show to share with us how she helps her clients launch beautiful websites that help them build their business.

To listen to the full interview click here.

Your business website should be your first employee!

Below are what we discussed on the show:  

  • Why choose WordPress over other website builders such as Wix or SquareSpace?
    (spoiler alert, you don’t own your content on Wix or SquareSpace)

  • She explains the Yoast Plugin and how this step-by-step checklist helps you with SEO and growing your business organically.

  • Should you hire a designer when you first launch your business?

  • Why (and how) you should be building your email list through your website.

  • Biggest mistakes she sees on websites and how you can correct them to have higher conversion rates.

  • And the biggest question that I hear all the time (drum roll please). What should go on your About page? (she breaks it down for you) 

If you are ready to take your business website to the next level… 

You can contact Ashley through her website.

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To download her free step-by-step guide to getting started with WordPress. Click here!

If you are finding it challenging or don’t know where to start when it comes to building your online business,  schedule a call today and let’s chat. I would rather you ramp up quickly with my expertise than spend a year trying to figure it out yourself!