When I talk to digital business owners there are always two areas they tell me that’s challenging! Attracting customers and selling products! 

If you are shaking your head yes, you are NOT alone! 

Did you know Fortune 100 companies spend millions of dollars paying outside agencies to find out everything about their consumers? They have to understand more than just basic demographics to target market to a similar customers that will buy their products. This allows them to stay competitive in a saturated market! 

You and I don’t have a budget to hire a huge agency to do the leg work but you and I can work together to dig deep and find out EVERYTHING about your customer. 

Imagine sitting down and writing content (blog, social media, website). You understand what your ideal customer wants to hear. You spend less time producing weekly content. Your words are connecting with potential buyers, you are earning trust and in a short amount of time you have walked them down the journey they want to go down… they pull out their credit card and buy your products/services that they desperately need.  More importantly… your content is converting!

Is it time to hire an expert to define your customer and product strategy? 


Customer Strategy

Do you feel #TheStruggleIsReal when it comes to attracting customers to your business? When I say, customer, I mean your PERFECT customer. The person you can best serve, needs your help and most importantly, can afford your services!

In this one-hour session, we will identify your perfect customer, develop an audience profile, and map out your customer’s journey from being a cold prospect to a loyal customer. (When I say, loyal customer, I mean a person blabbing around town about what a straight up GENIUS you are!)

Product Strategy

Raise your hand if you are NOT hitting your monthly financial goals? Or you have questioned your pricing before or every day? Or worse, you have discounted your products?

In this 2-hour session, we will lay out your overall revenue, business expenses and profits.
– Competitively Price Products (imagine feeling confident knowing your value and never discounting your products… like ever again!) in your market
– Product descriptions and copy speak and connect to your ideal customer- motivating your customer to Buy.

Customer Experience Strategy

Do you remember the last time you were at the spa? Walking in- all of your senses being transported to a sanctionary of calming incense and the sound of falling water. Relaxing and allowing your mind to go on vacation for an hour or a half day?

Consumers have transitioned in the last 10 years from purchasing material objects (high-end brand names) to spending money on “experiences”. Customer experience, even in a one-man shop, is what differentiates good companies from great companies.

During this one-hour session, you will walk away with a branded customer experience. We will delve into every touchpoint, starting at the beginning of your prospect’s journey through the duration of the sales process. We want to ensure every customer has the same feeling and reaction that aligns with your vision. This will also include “extras” to start implementing into your business that will make your company shine in a saturated ma

Half Day Customer & Product Strategy

Are you spending countless hours creating FREE content but still not growing your email list or see an increase in your social media following?

Do you feel like you have an amazing product or service but it just isn’t selling?

You are NOT alone. I have been there myself- I felt stuck, unmotivated and stressed out about my business!

This, eye-opening one-on-one half-day intensive strategy session will get you unstuck, re-motivated but more importantly give you a roadmap of how to take your business from “hobby” to a profitable money-making machine.

During this session:

-dive into unique traits, the awsome SUPERHERO powers that are your VALUE

-Uncover your perfect customer, develop an audience profile (per product), and map out your customer’s journey as they move from prospect to loyal customer.

-Define your financial goals for the next 90 days and the roadmap to hit or exceed them.

After the 4-hour session, you will have a strong customer and product strategy that will set you up to become visible, start attracting your ideal customer and selling your products to hit your financial goals.