Begin with the end in mind. 

On my very first call with a new client, we talk about the vision of their business. 

This is the first question I ask them and it doesn’t matter if they are brand new to business or 3 years in business.

I’m a firm believer, having the end in mind, allows you to be efficient, execute quickly and are less likely to detour off track.

Your vision for your business, is essentially looking at your end goals and ambitions, and putting together a successful roadmap to hit them. 

Having a vision in place lets you carefully think through the product or service you want to provide in terms of your target market, then organizing all the other elements- financial, research and development, operations, marketing, personal impact, family impact, and so on to meet the objective.

We tend to “think of the end first”  in most aspects of your lives.

A great example of keeping the end in mind is when you build a home.

You technically build a house twice.

First is the design and architecture plans aka “the blueprint”. You use the blueprint every day to build the home. The great part of the blueprint is that it tells you what to do every day (and also what NOT to do- you don’t want to put the toilet in your living room!) 

Let’s say you are going on a road trip. You have a map to get you to the end destination. You wouldn’t just feverishly drive around with a “hope” of hitting your destination. (that would be absurd right??) 

If we have an end result for our lives, why wouldn’t more business owners have a vision for their business?

I am raising my hand over here!

I did not have a vision for my business for a long time. (Today I do, I have it on my desk and reference it often!)

This is what was happening, I would get up and do day-to-day business tasks without any end goal!  My business was running but… there wasn’t a lot of passion behind it.

Once I was able to identify my life purpose (check out the article here, if you need to identify your life purpose!)

I was able to take what I was meant to do on this earth and create a solid vision for my business incorporating the values that brought me joy and happiness. 

Most business owners I meet, do not have a solid vision for their business and it shows. 

And yes, it shows. If you are in that boat, I urge you to read through this article, take some time and define your vision for your business. 

What’s it in for you? 

As I mentioned above, I talk about long term vision with my clients on our first meeting.  I ask them to write out their vision and have it available during the day. 

There are three big reasons why I urge them to do this.

Staying On Track. We all know about shiny object syndrome (if not check out this article!) and how it can derail us from our goals very quickly! 

A great example: You watched a webinar and are totally sold on the (course, service, product)!

You pull out your credit card with excitement and joy!

BUT before you press the buy button, this is an opportunity to look at your vision and ask yourself, “Is this going to help me get to my end goal?” Or “Is this a distraction?” 

I have been there myself.

I have bought several expensive courses, that were a total waste. I should have outsourced those items, such as running Facebook Ads instead of purchasing a course!

It did not align with my end goals and it ultimately derailed my progress.  

Motivation All of us are driven by something deep within us, this is our core fundamental values. Our core values are deep within our soul and they drive us to make decisions. 

When we align our vision with our core fundamental values. You driven to continue moving forward within your business.

I find that over time my clients who are solely money-focused, do not stay on track. But once they tap into their core values and add them to their vision, they stay the course and ultimately hit the ambitions they put down for themselves. 

Setting Priorities.  As women, we tend to say YES when we should be saying no.  

From now on, when someone asks you to do anything and you are feeling like this isn’t a good fit. I want you to pause, re-read your vision and decide if this is going to help you to your end goals. 

Chances are your intuition already is saying no, you just need the willpower to say NO and your vision helps you do that!

What goes into your vision for your business. 

When you start to define your vision, I urge you to think about both your personal life and business.

Your personal life is impacted by your business life. 

By ensuring you are evaluating both family life and business life, it helps you keep a healthy work/life balance. 

Let’s chat about the 3 main elements that need to be a part of your vision for your business. 


Contributions/Achievements, and 


I’ll break down each one! 

Your Character… 

When it comes to defining your character, think along the lines of “What are your mental and moral qualities distinctive of you?” 

You can think along the lines of…

  • What do you think about yourself? Or the world around you? 
  • Are you an introvert or extrovert? 
  • What do you love?
  • Your beliefs on what you feel is right or wrong?
  • Culturally, do you have beliefs around what is right or wrong? 


What type of contributions or achievements do you want to accomplish or give back to the world? 

  • Help one million women overcome confidence issues? 
  • Do you want to be a New York Times bestseller?
  • Inspire and motivate others speaking on stage?

Make a list of how you can give back to the world and all the goals that align with your purpose in life. 



Values defined is the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. 

Principle is defined as a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.

Understanding your values and principles will keep you motivated and driven. These are the emotions and behaviors that are instilled within us. 

Pulling Your Vision Together

Once you have defined your character, values, ambitions, goals, principles. You’ll want to write a few paragraphs of what your vision is for your business.  

Some pieces of my own value statement.

waitingI will balance my business and family life, both are very important to me.  Within my business, I will outsource any projects that are not in my expertise or items that I do not enjoy doing. This will allow me to have more time with my family. 

My home is beautiful and peaceful, it is where I entertain both family and friends. I strive to keep my home clean, orderly and be a gracious host.

It is important that I take care of myself and family, by choosing high nutritious foods, as well as, getting up early to exercise. As well as, scheduling a few hours per week for self-care allows me to be at my best and perform well. 

My business is here to motivate and inspire women to launch their passion into a profitable business. I am here to serve and be a guide for them to effortlessly take their concept and start generating revenue. 

Being a creative problem solver brings me joy. Helping others identify a problem and creating a solution is how I best serve my clients. 

To make a larger impact on the world and my community, I will write a book and speak on stages through the world. 

As a self-starter I will take the initiative in accomplishing my life’s goals. I will act on situations and opportunities and be open to opportunities as they arise. I will not sit around waitings for things to “just happen”. 

Are you ready to define your vision for your business? Leave a comment below and share your core values that drive you. 

If you’re ready to start generating revenue in your business and laying a solid foundation of attracting clients, let’s jump on a call and discuss your vision, goals and your biggest obstacle of getting there. Book a clarity call today to chat with me. 

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