Have you been contemplating transitioning your service-based business to being 100% virtual?

Having a broader-based clientele with clients all over the world?

To market and attract clients virtually instead of traditionally pitching clients in person? Having the ability to work anywhere?  

There’s no doubt, it’s alluring to be 100% virtual, but what most business owners don’t realize is everything changes when you transition a traditional business to be virtual . From your clientele base, to how you market, to leaving face-to-face meetings in the past. 

This week I am chatting with Sheng Herr, a business strategist, and personal brand consultant, on how to transition your service-based business to being virtual. 

She’s sharing three tips on how to start attracting clients online. 

And divulging the number ONE obstacle her clients have when transitioning their business to the virtual world. 

To watch the entire video click here.  Below are highlights from our chat.

Sheng on launching her own virtual business… 

Normally, I open the chat with, how did you go from Corporate to working for yourself, but one thing I found interesting about Sheng was that she’s from the Hmong culture.

Traditionally women do not work and their husbands are head of the household. Being raised within the culture, how did it impact you as a business owner?

Sheng shares insight on the Hmong culture, traditionally within the Hmong Culture women are raised to get married, take care of their husbands, have children and be of service to their community. (What she didn’t mention while taping, women do not get credit for success… only the men do.)

Candidly she shares, people are living to be 90 and she couldn’t foresee herself taking care of her husband and children and not giving back.

When she launched her business, she was constantly seeking outside validation from her husband, her parents or the community.

Questioning herself if what she was doing was going to make everyone else happy. She finally had a discussion with her husband and he expressed to her he ultimately just wanted her to be happy. That was a huge shift for her and she was able to give herself inside validation.

But she admits to us, subconsciously the traditions she was taught as a young girl was initially holding her back in business. Women within her culture have limited beliefs and dreams and breaking that thought process was challenging.

We chatted about giving herself validation and understanding the impact she is making on others by having her business.

She also tells us about disappointing her parents by not becoming a doctor, tune in to listen to the entire conversation.

What is your purpose in life?

She shares her purpose in life is to empower other women and incorporated it into her business vision.

(To learn how to define your vision for your business. Check out this article!)

She is passionate about helping other women take their traditional service-based business and launch it online. Empowering them to understand they can have it all, a family and a business.

“I love teaching women how to build successful online businesses and have a purposeful life.” 

What is the hardest transition you see with your clients moving from a traditional business to be online? 

Her clients can’t seem to shut down sales and marketing, as they know it. 

They have been using traditional marketing techniques to gain clients but these tactics do not transition into the virtual space. 

Learning new marketing techniques to attract clients online is the biggest hump to get over. It is essentially unlearning what they know. 

The other big factor of transitioning your business to the virtual space is no longer having face-to-face client meetings. She finds her clients struggle initially with having virtual meetings.

When it comes to getting out of the house and connecting with other people. She suggests attending workshops, networking events, and large events to have face-to-face human interaction that we tend to crave when having a virtual business. 

Also, scheduling outside activities with your friends and family is important to keep a healthy work-life balance. 


Can you share three tips to help a business owner transition into the virtual world?

The “know, like and trust” factor is important to start attracting and converting online clients.  In order to do this, you’ll need to create lots of content.

Content creates leads and leads make sales. 

You need to create content, but what types of content? 

First, you need to understand who your niche target customers are to understand what content they want to read or watch.

When you have a traditional business, you generally do business with anyone that comes into your office or you meet in person. When it comes to attracting clients online, you will need to have a specific type of person to work with.

Check out this article on easy steps on how to identify your niche customer base. 

Second, you will need to show up and give good quality information. As people start to follow you, they will start having mini breakthroughs. This will help you start earning like and trust.

If you are thinking, what if I am giving away too much free content. Her clients have the same concern.  She shares that it doesn’t matter the amount of free content you put out there, once they hire you, it is because they want to work with you. 

Don’t think about this as you giving away free information, this gives them a taste of how it is to work with you. 

Lastly, you will need to show up consistently and be authentic. This helps you become an expert.

Once your ideal client starts having mini-break throughs and views you as an expert, they will hire you.

The beautiful thing about being online vs. working in a Corporate or professional environment is that you can be you.

Showing up authentically sets you apart from everyone else. it allows for your superpower traits to come out and for people to like you for you. 

“They’re not paying you for your services. They are paying you for you.”

Using stories is a great way to attract potential clients, personal stories build connection and trust. 

Can you share a common obstacle you see when someone is transitioning their business to being virtual? 

Not having a growth mindset and hesitant or resistant to try new things. Everything will change in your business, from your client base, marketing, to how you perform business.

Being open and trying new techniques will help you transition smoothly and become successful quickly.

And lastly, you need to be ok with making mistakes. It is inevitable you will make mistakes as you transition to a virtual world, but it is ok. We learn from those mistakes and you have to keep moving forward.

She reminds us to celebrate the wins, even if you don’t hit your monthly goals, think about how far you did come.

To learn more about Shengg Herr and work with her: 

www. ShengHerr.com

Follow her on Instagram.

Click here to Download Three Ways To Find Clients Online. 

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