Start up fears can cause your business to come to a crippling halt.

I am speaking from experience! Fears are the real deal and can create havoc, stress, and anxiety in both your personal and professional life. I have been there and most people in the start up phase have had some type of fear! 

Fear held my company back for the first year! I didn’t even realize that it was fear!  I thought it was a lack of motivation or not being able to clearly lay out long term plans.

However, the real issue was that I had underlying fears. Fears that were feeding into not being able to schedule out goals!  Fears that created a lack of motivation. Fears that left me feeling inadequate!

If you are launching your own business or feeling like you are “stuck” in your business… this blog post is for you.

I am laying out 5 common fears in business and how to start overcoming them today.

Start-Up Fear Number 1: Where To Even Start?

If you are in dream up or the start up phase, not knowing where to start can be debilitating.  There are so many tasks, activities, projects, deadlines, the list goes on. Which items come first? What do I need to research to make an educated decision? I have been there…

To overcome this fear, I want you to look at other people who are successful in your field. The people that are achieving your dreams, goals or aspirations.

Look at how they laid out their company and what their overall strategy was.  Contact them and ask if you could seek advice and ask them a few questions.

If they say no, you can do a little investigating on your own. Study their business and analyze what steps they took to create their brand. 

(Download my free 90 Day Launch Checklist here that lays out what needs to be prioritized and a 90 day timeframe here!) 


Start-Up Fear Number 2: Failure

This is a big one… the fear of failure has hit us all at some point. It has plagued me at the worse times… even in small doses. Think about this…
Have you ever told yourself you couldn’t master a second language and continually failed?
Have you ever told yourself in the past… I’m not good at exams and repeatedly failed?
We are in control of our own success!
This is all rooted in our mindset! If I tell myself I am going to fail, the world will prove me right! 
It is ok to fail, but it isn’t ok to give up. As entrepreneurs it is inevitable that we will fail at times. That is ok, try a new tactic and start over!
We can accept the fail, learn from it but not allow it to stunt our growth! It is the entrepreneur mindset shift you have to make to be successful! 
In the mornings when you wake up, tell yourself what you are going to win at today. Say your financial goals out loud. Tell yourself how you’re going to be the most successful person you know!

Start-Up Fear Number 3: Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is when you feel that you are a fake. That there are other people out there that know more than you or that you’re not qualified to help people. This is huge!
I hear people talk about this in Facebook Groups constantly! This is a real fear and very common!
Guess what?
I want you to keep in mind that you only need to be ONE step ahead of your customer!
If you are creating an online course about SEO and your target audience are beginners. You need to be able to teach basic SEO. As your knowledge grows, you will teach broader topics.
When you start to think, “Am I qualified?” Think about who you are going to help. Think about your audience and how they are going to benefit from your help. You’re going to make their lives easier/better/simpler!
You are doing what you do because you know you can make a difference. I believe in you, you need to believe in you!
Get up, shake yourself off… you got this!

Start-Up Fear Number 4: Fear of Financial Woe’s

If you are starting a business or own a business the fear of being financially successful is HUGE!
Paying the bills is a crucial part of “adult-ing” and it is necessary!
There are a few ways of overcoming this fear.
If you are currently working, figure out how much you need to make to quit your job. Stock pile some cash as a cushion! Or get a side job to make some extra cash during the launch process.
If you have a strong business plan you can seek out Angel Funding, Venture Capital or even getting a bank loan.
Not everyone has an idea or passion or the desire to sell off 50% of their company.
The next plan of action would be the “wheelbarrow method.” Make money, invest it back into the company and grow your business slowly. This is the most common way of initially launching a brand.
Remember, the way to make consistent money monthly in the start-up phase is goal setting and staying consistent!!

Start-Up Fear Number 5: Not Believing In Yourself

If you have fears based on your credentials, education, skin color, gender, height… show up anyway and deliver amazing service or products!
If no one believes in you, people learn to believe in results.
When I started my business I was surrounded by negative influence. They didn’t mean to be negative but I heard several comments from my immediate family such as,
  • “Are you qualified?”
  • “Why don’t you just go work for someone else?”
  • “You could make more money working for a corporate job.”
Get rid of negative people in your life. People who are toxic or:
  • Have no ambition
  • Complain
  • Drain Your Energy


  • Don’t Believe In You


  • Don’t Add Value


  • Don’t Support Your Business or Dreams
Instead I suggest mingling and surrounding yourself with other entrepreneurs and positive people:
  • People who are highly ambitious


  • Positive


  • Bring you energy


  • Get your creative juices flowing


  • Constantly challenging you to do better and push yourself


  • People rooting for you to be a better person.

Getting Over Start Up Fears Strategy

When it comes down to start up fears. The underlying issue is our mindset.
If you feel one of these fears coming on trying using the rubber band method. Put a rubber band on one wrist, when you feel of failure. Fear of Finances. Remove the rubber band and put it on the other wrist. This allows you to cognitively recognizing your fears and start to combat them.
Get up in the morning and say your goals out loud. Sounds crazy?! But it is proven that having a plan and convincing your subconscious that it is going to happen… it will!
Write out your goals and strategy. Seeing your goals written in your own handwriting and tasks that show how you are accomplishing each goal will help remedy the fears. Seeing progress reduces the amount of fears that you have!

I’ll leave you with this… you can do anything that you set your mind too. You have to believe in yourself before anyone else will. If you feel that your brand is stalled and not moving… you may be your biggest obstacle!

Recognizing these fears and knowing there is a solution will help you grow as a business owner. 

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