Could you be the biggest obstacle holding you back from the success you desire? And could it be in the form of self-sabotage?

This week I chatted with Debbie Cromack, a business coach on the Wednesday Wrap-Up, she came on to discuss three common self-sabotaging behaviors women do that result in them feeling “stuck” in both their personal and professional lives.  (I’m sure you know what  “stuck” mode feels like!)

And these behaviors are ultimately holding them back from the success they desire.

Debbie Cromack is a corporate lackey turned entrepreneurial renegade. She is an international best-selling author and Business Coach, empowering introverted female entrepreneurs to set up the foundation of their coaching business, implement a replicable sales process that feels good, and replace their corporate income so they can thrive in their business, quit their corporate job, and create a life they fall in love with every single day! If you’re done being an employee – making others rich! – and ready to make yourself wealthy in impact, income, and soul-happiness, Debbie is the coach for you!

If you would rather read than listen, no problem. Below are highlights from Debbie and I’s chat. However, I urge you, to tune in and watch for the full interview! 

What does self-sabotaging behavior look like?

Self-sabotaging behavior in female business owners comes out in different ways. It generally is the culprit that surrounds moving you or your business forward.

It starts with a fear (subconsciously) and manifests itself in different ways. Some common occurrences are not completing tasks and therefore not hitting your goals, not showing up for your tribe (this is lack of gaining visibility) and having an excuse, or not making final decisions for your personal or business life.

Normally, we are unaware that we are self-sabotaging! The first step is to bring awareness to the problem by recognizing it.

Today Debbie is sharing three self-sabotaging behaviors that are common with female business owners that are negatively impacting their business. 

The first self-sabotaging behavior we frequently see in women is “Imposter Syndrome”.

Imposter Syndrome is the fear of feeling  “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not worthy”.

When we work in Corporate America we receive external validation from our bosses and it generally comes with a pay raise or a promotion.  

But working in the online world, we have to have internal validation. Approval coming from ourselves.

What does Imposter Syndrome look like?

We make ourselves invisible and don’t show up. There’s a fear that others will judge us and say negative things.

When others judge you, remember it is a projection of what they are feeling about themselves it has nothing to do with you!

If you are receiving negative feedback that means your business is getting more and more visible! This is a win!

The second self-sabotaging behavior is not making solid decisions.

Teeter-tottering or going back and forth,  “I don’t know if I should quit my job or launch a company.”

The lack of commitment comes from not trusting yourself. By not making a choice, it will allow you to not fail, however, it won’t let you succeed either.

Being uncertain is a mask that you put on, it is just an excuse. However, it is self-sabotaging the growth of you and your business.

The third self-sabotaging behavior is feeling “if you keep struggling you will be relatable”.

What does it look like?

  • Worried your friends will judge you when you are successful. Will your friends like you? Feeling bad about having nice items while they are still struggling.
  • Fear of being judged, so you play small with an ultimate fear of success.
  • Fear that your life will be so much different once you are successful.

Once you become aware of this behavior, you have to let it go. You are worthy of the abundance and life you desire. You are here for a purpose, live your purpose and be successful.

We self-sabotage at all levels. It is important to become aware of the thoughts we are having to ultimately correct the behavior.

Your decisions for your business and personal life should be “does this serve me or my business?”

How to correct self-sabotaging behavior?

If you are struggling with self-sabotage behaviors the first stage is to become aware you are doing it.

When you start recognizing the negative thoughts you are telling yourself, you have to release them.  Then change the negatives into positive thoughts. 


“I am going to delete this post because people are commenting negatively. I am prob wrong.”

Change it to:

“I am so glad I put that post up, it is getting tons of traction. Let me pop in here and comment back to the haters.”


“Money is going to change me.”

Changes to: 

“Money is going to allow me to do fun things, empower the change I desire, and allow me to help my friends succeed! It’s an exciting time.”

When it comes to not making a decision… Look at your long term vision of you and your business. If this decision fits into your long term plan, say yes. If it doesn’t, say no.

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