High converting marketing is the one area where all my clients are on the same Struggle Bus.

But marketing doesn’t have to be that difficult! Honestly, it is pretty simple. Your customers will lay out your entire Marketing Strategy!

I’m giving you the 7 traits you should know about your customers to make marketing a cinch! Because there is no doubt, I know you want to put a plan in place, stick with it and start attracting and converting your target customers.


Authentic Marketing To Attract, Connect & Convert Your Perfect Customers

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Your target customer will lay out everything for you for marketing. You will need to understand who your niche customers are, schedule time to chat to ask them a few questions, and (like waving a magic wand) you have your entire marketing strategy put together.

Let’s jump into the 7 traits. 

When we talk about basic demographics it is the bare bones of what you should know about your customer when it comes to marketing.

Basic demographics consists of:

  • Age Range
  • Location
  • Occupation
  • Finances
  • Marital Status 
  • Kids/No Kids/ Who lives in their home 

When I ask my clients, “what do you know about your ideal customer?” They are able to spout off the basic demographics pretty quickly. Then I ask, “What else do you know about your customer?” 

***Sounds of crickets.***

Let’s get into what you need to know to really boost your marketing and see a dramatic increase in conversions! 

The struggles and challenges we face evolve over time and this is a large part of not only marketing but also making sure our services are aligned with the market. 

 You may find that your customers issues from last year have changed!

If you feel your not 100% aligned with your customers current needs. Jump on a call and ask them what is missing.

Look at your competition, are there any holes in the market where people are not be serviced? Could you fill those gaps? 

Let’s say your clients express to you they need accountability. 

You can add to your service, accountability check-in’s. 

Advertise it on your website. Make a live video about it! Get the word out you are changing up your approach!

Attracting and connecting with your clients is a must to have high converting marketing plans!

Understanding what they are interested in will help you develop content they enjoy. It helps you understand their outside interest to chat about things other than work! 

Asking them questions like, what magazines do you read?
What influencers do you follow?
What conferences do you attend?
What types of books do you read?
What brands do you shop?

This is also key if you are running Facebook ads or Instagram ads, if you find that the majority of your clients enjoy yoga. You can target people who follow a particular yoga influencer or yoga pages.

Are you attracting the right buyer through your marketing? 

You customer can either be a loyal brand buyer. It doesn’t matter the cost, they are always going to buy a specific brand.

These types of customers are great because they tend to be repeat buyers! So you don’t have to go out searching for new clients all the time!

Then there are bargain shoppers.

The ones that drive 20 miles to save $3. (Come on we all have a friend like this.)

These people tend to wait to your products are on sale before buying.

If you find you make the majority of your money during a sale, you will start discounting your services more often. Over time you train your customer to only buy on sales! (your attracting bargain shoppers!) 

We all get objections when it comes to buying and you need to know these upfront to have high converting marketing! 


I have heard all types of objections.

“I don’t have a trust fund.”
“My husband isn’t on board.”
“I want to wait two months, I am too busy now.”

Understanding and preparing ahead for common objections will help you tremendously. Being able to approach them and start walking them off the ledge before asking for the sell is important. 

You can list out objections on sales pages under the Q&A section! A big one is listing out a refund policy, it gives people re-assurance if they are unhappy they can get their money back!

It helps ease them into the sell.


What will it take to motivate your client to pull out their credit card and buy from you?

My clients motivation vs. your clients motivation is completely different. 

Is it timing? (I need a Christmas gift and it is a week before Christmas!) 

Have they gone from problem aware, to finding you to solve the problem to ready to purchase?

 Asking your clients, where in the buying process are they is huge? It will help you understand their motivation. (if they are not in buying mode, you need to wine and dine more) 

Understanding where to market is crucial. 


You need to understand where to market to reach your ideal clients. If the majority of your clients only use Instagram, focus your marketing around Instagram. 

 If you find your clients in networking events. Plan to attend networking events. 

Don’t waste your time by creating tons of content for all the social media platforms if your clients only hang out on 1 or 2.

A great marketing plan walks your client down the journey they are desperately seeking! 

What does their journey look like if they don’t use your services?
How many potholes will they fall into?
How many detours will they take?
Instead of going from A to B, they may fall for the shiny object syndrome! 

Mapping your clients journey out is an amazing way to have high converting marketing.

This is a prime opportunity to show them how much money they will save by you hiring you. It is going to take more money to and longer to get to their final destination without your expertise. 

Show them how much time they will save to get to their end results! Time is money in entrepreneur land! 

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