Hi, it is Jessica here. Not sure if we have officially met. I’ll give you the quick spiel– I help online entrepreneurs understand how to Attract, Connect and Convert their perfect customers and develop digital products or services that sell like girl scout cookies.

If this is your year that you are ready to add an additional revenue stream into your business… 

You’re in the right place.

If you’re anything like my clients, their number one business goal is to Scale and Grow. 

However, the largest obstacle that is holding them back? It is always the same… Not having the bandwidth to take on more clients or projects.

Does this sound like you?  

You’re not alone when it comes to wanting a second stream of revenue for your business without having to “hustle” every day to find clients is common with most small business owners. 

A great way to add that additional revenue stream to your business is by offering your customers a signature online course. 


Did you know that the e-learning online course market is expected to double to $325 Billion by 2025. Now, who doesn’t want a piece of that financial pie?! 

But there are many benefits of having your own signature course…

Not only can you impact a larger amount of people with your knowledge and expertise.

But it is also a way to broaden your brand and build a larger business.

Not to mention putting your sales on autopilot and making money while you are sipping a tropical cocktail overlooking the ocean.

Who’s with me? 

But listen… I totally get it.  Coming up with a profitable online course idea, building it out, successfully launching it and putting it on autopilots sales is NO JOKE.

But it is possible… you can do this. Many people just like you and me have launched successful courses! 


Let’s dive into what you are probably thinking right now…


Would an online course be profitable in my niche market?! 


Let me reassure you, it doesn’t matter if you are selling business to business or business to customer you can have an online course. 

Whatever your niche is teaching music, teaching art, teaching watercolors, yoga, marketing, calculus, English, nutrition, Facebook ads. As long as you are able to teach and help people get the results they desire, you can put together an online course.

What if my market is saturated and someone else is teaching the course I want to teach?!?! 

Competition is awesome that means that you are in a market with buying customers! But this shouldn’t deter you from launching a course! 

Each one of us have what I call Superpower traits… The special and unique qualities that you bring to the table. 

Your unique traits will differentiate you from your competition. They give you a unique teaching ability that people will be attracted to. 

Your superpower traits could be humor, being witty, being straightforward, using strong language, bringing in spirituality or religion into your course. 

It is all about honing into your unique superpowers and bringing those to your teaching style.

I like to use the example of yoga teachers. I have taken hundreds of yoga classes, all yoga instructors within a studio are taught on the same general principles but some I love and others I am not excited about. This goes with you and your course,  people will gravitate to you for your unique style that comes out in your teaching! 

What if I put my heart, love, sweat, and (some) tears into my course and it launches to the sound of crickets? 

Let me reassure you, there is a sure-proof way to ensure you have a successful course and launch it to market demand. It is all about fully understand your target customer. 

The way to ensure you understand your ideal customer is by setting up 7-10 interviews and asking them the questions you need answered.  (Ideal customer is someone who you can serve, needs your help and most importantly can afford you!) 

Check this out… not only will you have a profitable launch topic BUT they will tell you what content they desire within your course. The best part, these interviews will lay out your marketing copy AND your launch strategy. 

If you’re on board with launching your own course, I invite you to join the Product to Profit summit April 15-19.

I am bring you 9 leading market experts, 11 LIVE sessions to help you focus, build, launch and market your online course. To learn more about the summit, click here. 

For the low price of $20 (AKA 3.5 pumpkin spice lattes), you’ll be able to gain valuable advice on how to lay out that additional revenue stream you have been talking about! 

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I look forward to seeing you on April 15 for the launch of Product To Profit summit.