Do you tend to not hit your year-end revenue goals?

Now is the perfect time to set yourself up for success in 2020 when it comes to your revenue goals! 

The number one way of hitting your financial goals is by planning! But planning kind of blows!

I’m breaking it down into simple and actionable items! This works even if you have NEVER hit any of your revenue goals in the past!

In this video I am breaking down how to easily start planning your year.

Step 1 is all about understanding how much money you want to make for the entire year.

Step 2 is thinking through what products or services you will be launching throughout the year.

Step 3 is putting together a quarterly launch plan and seeing how much you need to make quarterly to ensure you are able to hit your financial numbers.

Step 4 is all about forming a roadmap of tasks to ensure you will hit your goals.

Watch the full video for details. To download the yearly planner to walk you through all of the steps click here!

Please leave a comment below of your revenue goals you are committing to for 2020! The more you share it the more likely it will come to fruition!


Self-Sabotaging Your Success

Self-Sabotaging Your Success

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