Start Attracting Your Perfect Customer


It’s time to start gaining visibility with your company and attracting YOUR perfect customer!  This step-by-step guide shows you how to develop a customer strategy and a full proof marketing strategy.



Do you feel the #StruggleIsReal when it comes to gaining visibility in your business?

Are you finding it difficult to attract the RIGHT people to your blogs and social media?

Growing your email list with warm qualified leads is taxing?

Or maybe you have a product (that is amazing) but isn’t selling?

If any of the above sounds like you? It is time to level up and make some changes! Start gaining visibility with your perfect customer- someone you can help, who needs you and can afford you!

Did you know that Fortune 100 companies have an entire department for Customer Strategy and they pay millions of dollars to outside agencies to find out EVERYTHING about their consumer? I bet an ad has popped up on your social media feed and you have thought, “Holy heck, are they reading my mind?”

I am leveling the playing field and giving you the information you need that Fortune 100 companies pay millions of dollars to learn! They desperately need to know everything about their consumer to stay competitive in a saturated market AND so do YOU!

This step-by-step guide shows you exactly the RIGHT questions to be asked to implement a Customer Strategy. But get this.. it also lays out your entire marketing strategy! What?!!?  Yes, you read that right. A full proof plan, no more “throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks” when it comes to marketing!

Could you go out and find this information, absolutely, but it would take days if not weeks! I took the years I worked launching products in Corporate America and the information I learned about gaining loyal customers and giving it to you!

After completing the Customer Strategy plan you will:

  • Spend a few hours a week creating content for social media or blog post (Most digital business owners spend hours and hours on FREE content!)
  • Have clarity in your business and focus
  • Know WHAT to say and WHERE to market to reach your perfect customer
  • A consumer profile (audience insights) to hang up in your workspace
  • An entire marketing strategy laid out for you!




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