Online Business Journey With Lauren Allen

This week on The Wednesday Wrap-Up I am chatting with Lauren Allen, founder of Right Hand Business Coach and host of the Corporate School Drop Out, and diving into her online business journey.

During the interview we chat about:

 – Understanding of how important “time and space” are

– How she started on-boarding new clients when she launched

– Transitioning to being authentic on Social Media,

– And answers the question, “What advice would you give someone ready to launch an online business?”

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Below are highlights from our chat: 


On “Time and Space” 

Oprah opens her Soul Sundays with the line, “Time and Space are the two greatest things we have in life.”

But when we’re working for someone else, we often find ourselves constantly “busy” not to mention, the need to be connected.

From waking in the morning to hurriedly rushing into the office, spending hours behind a desk, going to meetings, being on conference calls and trying to finish projects. Once home, answering late-night emails or texts.

That lifestyle leaves us with little to no “space and time” for ourselves.

After Lauren left Corporate, the one thing she had was “time and space” this allowed her to analyze her work/life balance and launch an online business she loves. 

Lauren’s online business journey…

Lauren left her job and sold her house in Denver in January of 2017. With a nest egg, she set out for sunny San Diego, CA.

She was not worried about finding a new job,  she had transferable skills she could use with a variety of positions. 

Ultimately, she knew she wasn’t happy working a desk job.  One major sign, she would drive up and down in the parking garage to listen to ONE more song before walking into the office! 

Having savings, it afforded her the ability to have “time and space” on her side, to identify what she wanted to do with her professional and personal life. 

“It was important my next move was aligned with my passion and served me in a holistic manner, more so than showing up at a 9-5 job. “

At first, she started applying for corporate positions, but it didn’t feel right. She felt it unnecessary to spend money on a new business suit for interviews. This was her first sign. 

Her online business wasn’t something she planned. She noticed people often came to her for business advice and within the organizations she worked,  people regarded her as a thought leader.

When her Crossfit coach came to her for business advice over and over, she knew at that point her next move was to launch Right Hand Business Coach.

Consistently having clients…

Her online business journey came with a client, her Crossfit coach became her first paid client!

The number one way of obtaining new clients is through referrals. 

She owes her consistent lead generation to networking. By making a goal for herself to meet one new person per day, she is able to secure clients easily. This may be through social media or in person.

Check out this article on the 30-day challenge of how to grow your revenue in your business by networking.


Being authentic with social media

One of the biggest obstacles I had, when I launched, was sharing my personal life in my business. Being in Corporate we tend to separate our professional and personal lives.

Did you find it difficult sharing personal items on Social Media after leaving Corporate?

She shares a story of how she went to a Ted Talk years ago on workplace intimacy.  

By gradually sharing small details of her personal life with her colleagues, she was able to have a deeper connection with the people working around her. 

She took this same approach with her business Instagram account. What she notices is content that receives the most comments and likes are personal life items, like having a hair cut.

“Her advice is that your customers want to identify with you and see a personal side to gain “like and trust”. By being authentically you within your business helps you separate yourself from all the competition and ultimately shine.”

When it comes to Trader Joe’s and drinking wine…

One of the best things about her online business journey was learning to break the Corporate mold and have a fluid life/work balance.

Being able to be authentically her, if she wants to share a wine quote. She can! 

Or having the time to run errands during the weekdays. Popping into Trader Joes on a Monday morning.

Do you have any tips to give when someone is transitioning from Corporate America to owning their own business?

“When leaving the corporate world we try to fit our business into this corporate mold. We think we need to work 9-5 and sit at our desk during working hours, even if we are not feeling motivated. “

It takes some time to understand we do not have to work the same hours, we don’t have to do the same things we use to do.

We have existing skill sets that translate and by tapping into those skills, it is beneficial to your business. It can move you light years ahead instead of trying to fight them and learning a different way to do things.

There is a balance of fitting the corporate mold and letting go but still using the things that serve us

“In your online business journey, your whole life changes and everything around you changes.

And being willing to accept it and moving through those changes. It’s the quickest step for you to feel more successful. The longer you resent those changes the harder it is going to be. 

 Every day that you wake up and get to do something that supports you or your family it’s the most fulfilling day you will ever have. Every day I get to inspire and motivate more people by sharing our journey and stories. I wake up every day and say Thank You.” 


I still find it challenging to transition my mindset from thinking I need to sit in front of a desk from 9-5 and I feel guilty when I run errands during the day. 

Do you have any advice on how you transitioned your mindset?

If she finds when herself scrolling through Instagram or Facebook during the day. She knows she’s not feeling creative. It’s time to get up from her desk. The flow is not there and it is ok. 

She will go do something else and when she feels creative again, she will sit back down at her computer and work. Having different hours of working late at night, it’s ok. It’s what works for you.  

Do you have any advice for women who struggle to leave their job because they feel like they will take a salary cut? 

“There is a quality of life, so you need to evaluate does money give you the quality of life and happiness you want?”

The earning potential as a business owner is unlimited. You can make as much money as you want.

The faster you do something, the faster you are able to replace the 6 figures plus income. Sitting in fear and thinking you won’t be able to replace your income, you won’t.  You’re not going to do anything.

Once you become an entrepreneur, you have to change your money mindset. Not only about making money but how you interact with money.

You never think about money when working Corporate because you are going to get paid.  Changing your relationship and how you view money is detrimental to your success. 

Who is your target customer?

The majority of her clients are females leaving Corporate America. She helps them set up their business, where they have a strategy to increase revenue and have an exit strategy. 

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