Let’s talk about some marketing basics!

These quick tips are a huge culprit when it comes to NOT having a kick-butt marketing plan!

“Marketing is challenging!”

I hear this all the time from my clients and let me tell you, I totally get it.

Chances are you are like most digital business owners… you have a passion, you want to help others. You launch your business… and then you’re like holy heck attracting people into my business is NO JOKE.

Girl, we’ve all been there!

In this article, I am sharing with you some straight up marketing basics. You need to understand these simple tips to put together a high converting strategy!

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Let’s jump into marketing basics when it comes to selling your digital products or services.

Marketing Basics #1: Marketing Isn’t Sales

If you get anything out of this article, I want you to understand that marketing is NOT sales.
Repeat after me, “Marketing is NOT sales.”

Marketing is a way for you to show up. Gain visibility in front of people that need your help, add value, genuinely be yourself, and offer people an opportunity to work with you.

How easy is that? Marketing is that stinking easy.

Remember you have amazing knowledge, to share with others to help them grow! You need visibility for them to enroll! 

How can you share your expertise by adding value and genuinely helping others? And offer them a way to work with you?

This opportunity presents itself in many different ways. Let’s go through a few options:

  • Facebook Groups are awesome.  Instead of constantly posting your photo and what you do. Instead, try posting questions pertaining around your work.  “What do you struggle with when it comes to pricing your products?” You get two things out of this, one they give you great marketing copy. The second part you are sharing your expertise and knowledge- you are adding value. Gaining like, trust and becoming that industry expert.
  • Posing questions on Instagram and answering feedback in the comments..
  • Live videos that you offer tips or tricks, valuable advice that is short and sweet (upload onto YouTube and other social platforms)

There are many ways that you can show up, add value and offer people the opportunity to work with you!

Marketing Basics #2: You Have to Wine & Dine


Imagine you are sitting at a bar having a drink and I randomly walk up to you and proclaim that you and I are going to be best friends.

I have this awesome trip planned to the beach and you will need to fork over $1500 for your “share” of the vacation and to hang out with me

You are going to be like, who is this crazy person? Where is the nearest exit?

Or better yet, what if you go on a date with a crazy guy and he proposed on the first date!  

Marketing is similar to “courting”. Your customers need to get to know you before signing on the dotted line for that course or coaching sessions.

I want to see you in action, know you are knowledgable and can help me. I need to like and trust you, to buy from you. 

How can you get in front of your audience and start earning like and trust?

Fact: Marketing is all about wining and dining. You want to be courted and know this is right for you before jumping into marriage! Just like your customer! 

Marketing Basics #3: Cold Leads Vs. Warm Leads


First, let’s chat about what is a lead?

A lead is someone that needs your help. Has been searching for a solution to their problem. They have found you and either signed up on your email, Facebook group, or social media.

Cold Audience

A cold audience are a group of people that does not know you. You have yet to shower them with your expertise and knowledge.

You haven’t won them over.

If they found you through Pinterest, generally they are problem aware. They are looking for a solution to their problem and they found your blog post on the subject.

You are starting to earn like and trust through your blog post. (Make sure your blog post have a strategy… to turn them into a warm lead. A call to action to join your FB group, something!) 

Anyone that lands on your social media, website, hears you on a podcast, paid advertising (minus retargeting)… these are all a cold audience. 


They know who you are, tend to have a problem that you have the solution for. At this point they have opted onto your email list or joined your private Facebook Group. Or following you on Social Media.

What is the biggest difference of a warm lead vs. cold? 

Remember the bar scene… you don’t want to jump in someone’s lap (cold lead) and insist you have the solution for them. You need to “wine and dine” them.  Walk them down the journey they are desperately seeking and then offer them a way to work with you. Your marketing strategy for a cold lead is different than a warm lead!

Marketing Basic #4: It’s About Their Journey

Below are the components of a customer journey: 

  • They have a problem (emphasis their pain points and really call those out!)
  • Show empathy towards their problem
  • Showcase their journey with end results
  • The obstacles they will encounter if they don’t work with you
  • Offer them a way to work with you

Let Me Give You An Example:

(Hitting on the pain points)

Right now you are sitting in front of your phone or computer. Your marketing plans have failed over and over. It’s been months that you are desperately seeking answers for a high converting marketing strategy.

Up to this point, your marketing plan has been similar to “throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks”.

You started this business to have “freedom and flexibility” but those are the last two words you would use to accurately describe your current lifestyle.


I know where you are. I was there once myself. Jumping on the bandwagon of different influencers, telling us what we need to be doing in our business. This is the RIGHT way to grow and scale your business. 

But I know just as well as you, those shiny objects do not feel authentic and all it does is derail us from our end goals. 

You and I are smart and we know deep down that running a business isn’t that complicated.

(End Results)

Imagine having a solid marketing strategy in place. Every month you are hitting your business and financial goals. 

You know how many people you need to enroll to hit your financial numbers. The simple math is that for every 1 person to enroll, you need 10 leads. To obtain those leads you need to be in front of 575 people per month. 

You know what social media platforms to focus on to ensure you are in front of 600 people a month. 

It is a solid plan, no more questioning or derailing you from your marketing strategy because it is authentic to your business and business model. No one is going to push you to do live videos if you are not comfortable (because let’s face it, that’s a recipe for failure).

After implementing sales funnels you see a shift in your business. You are converting customers. Not only is hustling a past tense word, but you’re also not worrying about hitting your financial numbers.

No more stress or anxiety. You are able to focus on what you love and that is helping your clients, not trying to create a new marketing  strategy. 


There is no doubt that you can google and try to figure all of this out on your own… You are smart. You got this.

But you’ll fall into those similar traps, those shiny objects with the allure of fast cash. You’ll be right where you are right now in the next 3 months… looking for “the newest marketing rage”. Or worse you may be at the end of your rope and ready to throw in the towel.

You know deep down in your heart that it is time to make a change.  Taking that commitment as an entrepreneur was hard and you own it. You have financial responsibilities. Plus you didn’t start this business to NOT take vacations!o

(Offer them an opportunity to work with you)

It’s time for you to invest in you and your business. To hire a strategist that can show you how to implement proven strategies into your business. Wrap clarity around your customers and product lines. Implement marketing strategies you are going to commit to. Grow your business by being visible and adding value.

It’s time to automate the parts of your business that seem overwhelming so you can focus on your original passion of why you launched this business. 

If you are ready to make the commitment to you and your success. Enroll in my group strategy sessions today!  (of course I am going to give you an opportunity to work with me!) 

The above is an example of a journey.

You can break this down through a webinar, email sequences, whatever is your “vehicle for sales”.  Coming in at understanding their pain point, showing them you understand their problem, all the way to offering them a way to work with you!

Marketing isn’t hard right?! 

Take these marketing basics principles and run with them! You are awesome at marketing, you just have to tune into what works for you and your business! If you loved this article please share it. 

If you feel compelled to work with me and feel that I can help you gain focus and grow your business with either one-on-one strategy– book a call now. If you are interested in group strategy- enroll today.