The low down on building your email with warm leads!

If I asked you how you were growing your email list and you instantly get a wave of anxiety. This blog post is for you!
In this two part blog series I am breaking down everything about list building! For you to start growing your list today! With people that want to hear from you!
In the last blog I discussed why email list are your brand’s biggest asset. I go over the basics of staying “compliant” with your email list. And I go against industry stands and say “screw focusing on the numbers”! Instead, focus on the quality of subscribers! Missed it, no problem click here to check it out!
In this blog I am focusing on:
  • How to start growing your list today, if you are in start-up phase or about to launch.
  • Segmenting & tagging email subscribers
  • OMG, I have a list, now what do I do. (What to send to your email subscribers once you have them!)
Let’s dive into how you can start attracting subscribers with a lead magnet!

One of the quickest ways to grow your email list is with a lead magnet or opt-in.

A lead magnet (sometimes references as an opt-in bribe) is an incentive you offer to potential buyers in exchange for their contact information.
If you are new to the online world, just throwing up a pop up for people to sign up for your newsletter… is no longer cutting it. You have to give them a reason to give you their valuable email address! This tactic is used with major corporations. Most brands offer a discount, free shipping or a loyalty program for you to give up your email address. You’re going to do the same exact thing for your new business!
The Right Lead Magnet To Grow Your Email
You’ll need to think about a lead magnet that you can offer your potential customers. Something that your “target customer” would value! There are so many different lead magnet options. Doesn’t matter the type of industry you’re in… I promise there is a great lead magnet!

What type of lead magnet would your potential customer value? (Step 1) 

Evaluate your target audience. What would they love? What would make their life better? Remember, knowing who your target customer is important!

Examples of Lead Magnets Are:

  • Quizzes


  • Worksheets
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Video Tutorial
  • Printables
  • Mini Courses
  • Checklist
  • Surveys
  • Outlines
If none of these seem great, I came up with a list of 50 lead magnet examples, you can grab it right here! 

Step By Step Guide To Create A Killer Lead Magnet

There is a process to create and launch your lead magnet. I am going to break it down for you. I am giving you this information for free! Most business owners pay a business coach or buy a course to get this information!


If you are a mommy blogger, a mini course is not a great idea. Who has time for that with kids running around?!
Having a download checklist such as, “Evening Checklist To Minimize Morning Stress” would be awesome. It is valuable and makes their life better. It is easy and digestible!
Interior Designer- “How to Feng Shui your office.” “10 hottest paint colors for 2018.” “What’s trending for 2018 for bathrooms”
Real Estate- “These top neighborhoods have the best schools.” “These 5 areas in town having investors swooning.”
Fashion Blogger- “Top five trends for Fall 2018.”
Plumber “What toilet paper is killing your pipes.”

Design your lead magnet. (Step 2)

Lay out your content. This may take a few days. No big deal. I lay out everything that I want in google doc first. Then I go into Canva and design my freebie.
If design is NOT your forte, which I totally get! You can outsource it. There are several different websites such as, Fiverr that you can find reasonably priced graphic designers. Make sure that your lead magnet is brand specific!

Where to store your lead magnet. (Step 3)

Depending on what format your lead magnet is, you will need to determine where to “store” it. Amazon web services is great for PDF downloads, videos, you name it.
If you have a wordpress website, you have the ability to store your lead magnet in the backend of your site.
If this is a mini course there are many options such as Teachable that have a free level, as well as, youtube or vimeo.
If you want to send it out with your email, you can upload it to your email software and it will go out in your email sequence.
As you can see, you have tons of options!

The lead magnet welcome email (Step 4)

You’ll need to set-up a welcome email sequence for your lead magnet through your email software. You’ll welcome your new subscriber to your community and gives them access to your freebie. I suggest writing out your email sequence with a minimum of 3 emails.


  • Welcome Email with freebie
  • Follow-up email


  • Follow-up email (additional valuable item)

Lead magnet landing page (Step 5)

You will need a place for people to sign up! That’ll be on a landing page or pop up. Your new subscriber will sign up on the landing page. Your email sequence (step 4) will automatically trigger and send. So easy, right!
There are a many different options for you to design a landing page. Most email software programs have a pop-up or landing page. Or you can use awesome companies like Leadpages. Many options!

Creating buzz around your lead magnet (Step 6)

Now you will need to advertise. Of course post about it on your Social Media Channels, Pinterest, or your blog. Run social media ads or ads on Pinterest. You can partner with a like-minded brands and ask them to partner with you to get the word out. Pitch yourself on podcast and offer the lead magnet to their listeners!
The possibilities are endless. I came up with 23 ways to advertise your lead magnet. Click here for that download!

Wipe sweat off brow. Seems like a lot of work! Am I right? It is totally worth it! You need those email subscribers! Let's jump into the last section!

Tagging & segmenting based on your lead magnet.

Now that you have your lead magnet up and running! You’ll want to start tagging and segmenting your email subscribers. This is when you put people into “buckets” within your email list. This is incredibly valuable.
There are a few ways of doing this.
1- In your sequence email that is part of your Opt-In, you can create a specific tag for those subscribers. When they sign up, they will be tagged in the back end. That way you know how they opt-in to your email list.
If you have several different lead magnets… it is valuable to know what your subscriber is interested in. This way you can send them targeted emails and offers. For more information check out this blog!
2- Your welcome email sequence can have links within the email to other information like your blogs. When your new subscriber clicks a link- they are tagged. This allows you to find out more about your subscriber. Below is an example:

Each one of the above links needs to go to a blog, another email sequence or Facebook Group -some destination. However, when someone clicks on a specific link, it tags them.

The tag is added to your subscribers profile. This segments your subscribes into lists, list that you can use to better serve them based on their interest! 

(I use Convertkit, I can segment, tag and create automations in the backend. I am not privy to other email software and their ability to tag, segment and create automations. To try Convertkit click here.)

My lead magnet brought in a bunch of subscribers, now what?

The biggest problem with growing your email list is that people don’t nurture it! In my last blog post, I laid out the 400k email list story that wasn’t nurtured! When they launched products they only received 15 sales. Don’t let that happen to you! Let’s talk about nurturing your list!
You will need to grow trust and show that you are an industry expert. You are the go-to in your market niche! Don’t just send your email list an email announcing new products you have! Send them valuable information.
There are many things you can send to your group to nurture:


Welcome email

Surveys (ask them what they want to learn or see from you)

Giveaways & freebies

Specials that only your subscribers get!

Behind the scene look

Opportunity to collaborate

Experts from your blogs (teasers)

Loyalty programs

digestible tips

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