Today, on the Wednesday Wrap-Up (which by the way if you have not subscribed to my YouTube Channel, I urge you to do it now… don’t miss my weekly expert sessions!) I chatted with Ashely Price, owner of Convert Quality Leads on how to start generating leads for your service based business.

Below are highlights from our chat. But I do urge you to check out the video (and subscribe!) for the full discussion! 

Ashely is candid and honest about organic vs. paid leads. Which is a hot topic for service based businesses right now! 

She shares how she builds relationships in the digital space and how as business owners we need to stop “sliding into our new followers DM’s” on Instagram and instantly pitching our products or services!

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What’s a lead?

A lead is someone who’s interested in your service or products. They have taken the initiative to sign up for your lead magnet or opt-in (become an email subscriber), set up a call with you or joined your private Facebook Group and interacting.

What’s not a lead?

Your fans/followers on social media. Even if you have 15,000 followers, how many of them have taken interest in learning more about your products or services?

“Cold” leads do buy!  It is more of a rarity than nurturing a relationship. (Honest confession, neither of us have bought a $15,000 product from a Facebook ad. Have you?)

It is all about wining and dining a lead.

Once someone signs up to learn more about your services or products, this is your opportunity to “wine and dine” them.

Wining and Dining is essentially “nurture the relationship”. To nurture the relationship let them know you understand the problem they are currently having. Introduce the solution, you can do this by using social proof or testimonials.  Share your expertise to showcase the amazing industry expert you are!

This builds trust for them to purchase from you!

She confesses she has 12 emails in her sales funnel before she introduces her product. Longer sales process but higher conversion rates!

Is email the only sales funnel to generate leads?

The answer is no. Using social media is a great way for people to get to know you. Ashley said she recently went on a road trip with her family and invited people to follow along on her Instagram stories.

You can also implement a sales funnel into your private Facebook Group. By showing up, adding value and popping on live videos to engage your followers, it helps you convert a potential client into a paid client.

You need to meet your client where they are… 

When it comes to someone signing up for your email list. Chances are, they are “problem aware” and most likely looking for the solution.

Understanding where your client is right now, helps you offer them better advice and services that meet their needs. A great way of doing this is by asking questions in your initial email to learn more about them:

Example Email:  I want to give you the most relevant advice in helping you gain visibility, generate more leads and grow your business.  Please click the one that best describes your business:

  • I make less than $25,000 a year. 
  • I make between $25,001 and $100,000
  • I make over $100,001 a year.  

By asking questions in your email sequence, you are able to speak to their current needs and give them specific advice that serves them with their current struggle. 

When it comes to organic vs. paid leads, what is the difference?

Organic leads come from generating traffic to your website through your content such as, a YouTube Channel, blog post.

Using SEO to drive traffic from google searches. Or even using Pinterest to drive organic traffic to your website.

Paid leads are when you run ads on Facebook, Instagram or Google to drive traffic to your opt-in or website in hopes they will sign up for your email. 

Organic leads is where it’s at. By being a resource and standing out you will be able to generate organic leads.

People tend to neglect the free stuff (SEO) to do paid ads. 

However, your organic lead generation through blog post, videos etc can be around forever. And will continue to generate new leads long term (unless you remove it). When you turn your ad off, it is gone.

Where are your leads coming from?

The best way to find out is by asking! 


  • You can do this on an intake form. “Where did you hear about us?” 
  • Using different URL’s for each social media platform for the same Opt-In landing page to see which platform is driving the most traffic. 
  • Check your google analytics to see which platforms you’re getting the most traction

How do you figure out how much a lead cost for your business…

It is different for each business. There is no exact answer, you’ll need to factor in a few different components, such as:

  • What do you charge for your services/products
  • How much time do you spend generating leads
  • All of your business expensive from ad cost to office space need to be factored in
  • Understanding the life span of the client, will they be a long term client or buy only one product.

All of these should be factored in to understand how much a lead cost.

She advised that if you are a brand new business, you should not be running ads.

You need to obtain leads organically and once they start to convert, then you can automate.

Do not put money into tools to automate until you have converted organic leads! (I heard that sign of relief!!)

What can you do TODAY to start generating leads…

Whatever you do, it has to feel authentic and work for you. Consider doing video, it is estimated by 2022 90% of marketing will all be video.

Starting today, she suggests planning your content, maps out a minimum of the next month. Show up as an expert with no more than 3 areas of expertise. And figure out how to repurpose your content to continually use it.

Stay consistent and show up for your audience! 

To get in touch with Ashely and book a call with her,  you can contact her at

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