You and I both know it is imperative to set business goals to be successful. 

But I have to be honest with you. I was a total goal underachiever for most of my life. 

At New Years I would set lofty goals and the likely hood I would follow through was very slim. One year I told my friends I was going to “eat unhealthily, curse more, and exercise less.”

I figured if I failed it would be a good thing. 

But we can’t do that in our businesses! I had to learn how to set business goals. And I want you to have the same success. 

This weeks video is going to walk you through how I set successful goals every single time. 


3 Part Goal Setting For Business Success

If you are sick and tired of setting business goals that never come to fruition.

Or if you feel you are constantly coming up with ways to make money in your business but they fail. Ever wake up on Monday and decide to launch a group coaching on Wednesday and wonder why it’s not successful?

This video is for you. I am sharing my 3-step process of how I set business goals for myself for the entire year and achieve them by breaking them into bite-size tasks. 

I am sharing what goes into a goal. (spoiler alert, “I want more Instagram followers.” isn’t an actual goal, boo!)

Make sure to follow me on YouTube, to get notified when we release part two airing next week. I have a guest expert on sharing how she achieves all of her goals for the year for her personal and business life.

If you are ready to set realistic goals for your business, such as making $150,000.

Being a speaker to make a larger impact. 

Launching a successful course.

Or launching a group coaching successfully. 

This video is going to walk you through the process. 

Stick around to the end where I invited successful female entrepreneurs onto the show to share their big goal wins. From being a TedX Speaker to paying off over $100k in debt.

If you are interested in taking your business to the next level, by developing additional revenue streams, increasing your customer base, and setting realistic goals that you can achieve. Let’s jump on a call to see how we can work together. Schedule a call today.



Revenue Goals

Revenue Goals

Do you tend to NOT hit your revenue goals? I am sharing my 4-step process to help you set goals, know what and when to launch new products or services, and create a roadmap ensure you stay on track!

Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Deals

We are quickly approaching Black Friday Deals, but I urge you as a service-based business to NOT discount your products/services. In this video, I share alternative ways you can cash in on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday!