When it comes to having engaged followers on Instagram,  I feel like ET when he just arrived on earth.

And I know I’m not alone in this boat! There are business owners who are killing it on Instagram, showing up consistently, growing engaging communities and using strategies to convert their followers into paying clients.

If you are like me, you want the secret formula for engaged Instagram followers, so I invited Lisa Benavidez, a business strategist and visibility specialist onto The Wednesday Wrap-Up to divulge her Instagram strategy.

I learned so much during our chat. Lisa gave great advice, strategies, and tips! I urge you to watch the entire video and start applying them today!

A little about Lisa.

Lisa has been an entrepreneur since 2002, after graduating high school she started working with an event planner in the non-profit sector. Fast forward to today, she now plans events for entrepreneurs and teaches them how to incorporate social media to gain visibility for their business and upcoming events.

Lisa chatted with me on the strategies she uses with her clients to grow engaged followers on Instagram.

I was a little surprised at how easy it is! These tactics are not difficult! But it is imperative to have a strategy (aka plan), be consistent, and show up to grow your Instagram followers and convert followers into paying clients.

Below are a few highlights from our conversation.

What is the difference between Facebook and Instagram when it comes to marketing your business? 

In Lisa’s opinion, Facebook is a great platform to market your business. You can post in groups, on your business page and also use your personal page to highlight your business. But Facebook is more business than personal, which makes is challenging to grow the “like and trust” factor! 

Instagram helps you gain visibility to a broader audience than Facebook. It also helps you earn the “like and trust” factor quickly. 

This is done by bringing your personal life and traits to Instagram for your followers to start identifying with you. Your feed is a story of you, both your personal and business life. 

We as people crave community and this is why Instagram is “hot” right now. Craving community goes back to ancient times.

We want to chat and get to know one another. This is the same way Instagram works! By showing up and engaging your community… this is the key to your Instagram success and having engaged followers. 

Instagram is also a great place for entrepreneurs to show up for collaboration and connection with other business owners.  

Instagram Strategy- How do you convert followers into customers?

Lisa gives us great examples of how you can start creating content to earn “like and trust”.  To show your potential customers you have the solution to their problems. And ultimately convert followers into paying clients. 

Real Life

A great way for people to get to know you and your business is by going behind the scene. Showing your followers where you work, how you work and why you started your business is a great place to start. This allows for people to start connecting with you.

Legacy Content 

Create legacy content, which is your long term vision for your business. When we talk about your legacy ask yourself “What are you leaving behind? What impact are you making on the world? How does it all tie into your business?” Create videos explaining your answers and passion to your followers! 

If you’re not sure what your business vision is, check out this article!

Client Testimonials

It is easier when your clients are tooting your horn and it less “me, me, me, look at me” content! 

By showcasing your clients, where they were and where they are now and how you helped them get to the place they are now… this is impactful. This messaging helps your followers see the results they desire and want! And understand you can help them get there. 

When it comes to growing engaged followers on Instagram, what do you see trending right now? 


Show up in your feed regularly. Whatever regularly is for you. Some people show up daily while others may post 3-4 times a week. 

Instagram Stories 

Stories are hot right now! People prefer to consume content through stories rather than scrolling through their feed.  If you are posting in stories, post throughout the day. This continually pushes your stories to the front of the feed. 

Instagram Tools

Instagram loves for you to use their tools! By using stickers, polls or asking questions in your stories, this helps push you up in the feed.

Pro Tip:  When asking questions don’t ask someone something to forward, “What are your 90-day goals?” People can read into the “What are my 90-day goals… they immediately think, you are leading into a pitch.” 
Instead, build engagement through smaller questions. “What is your best freebie? Share it and I will share the top 3!”

Are there things you see business owners doing that are not best practices for Instagram?

You need to commit to the platform. Developing a strategy and putting together your content, posting consistently, doing video, and showing up in your feed. 

Talking about yourself too much. Focus your efforts on your clients, their needs. Make it less about you and more about your audience. Think about having a conversation with your best friend, you ask them questions and want to know more about them. Use this strategy to engage your followers on Instagram!

Tips on growing engaged followers on Instagram…

1. Have a very specific goal in mind when it comes to how many followers you want and by what date you want them. Also, understand why you desire these followers?  Keep in mind it is better to have 2,000 engaged followers than 200,000 random followers.

  1. Have a strategy in place. Lisa suggests doing a 90-day strategy so you understand what you have in the pipeline to launch. This way you can work backward and offer freebies and other items to start growing their interest for your new launch. (Check out this article on 90-day marketing strategies if you are struggling to lay out a marketing plan!)

3- Analyze your stats. Go back and see what content your audience is engaging on Instagram with the most. Create more of it and get better at it!

When it comes to hashtags…

When it comes to hashtags, she suggests researching hashtags monthly.

Chose hashtags that are relevant to your Instagram account. If you use hashtags with smaller searches, you will trend, unlike ones that have millions of views (otherwise you will fall so low in the search, no one will find you)

Use hashtags relevant to your audience. Not just you. If you are a health coach, don’t use Heath Coach as a hashtag, but more along the lines of what your clients are trying to achieve, such as, Improve Your Gut Health. 

The biggest takeaways from our chat. 

  • It takes consistency to build, it won’t happen overnight. 
  • Have a strategy, create content that your audience wants to see and show up. 
  • Make it all about your audience and little about you! 

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