Hello there, does this sound like you?

You’re a digital business owner.

Hustling… All the time.

Working long hours…

Chasing leads…

Maxing out your energy…

…That business you built to
“Give yourself freedom and flexibility”
has turned into a big time-sucking monster.


Let me tell you… there is a better way… I promise.

I launched group coaching for business owners who are ready to make a positive impact within their business. The 10 week program is designed to help you gain focus on two main aspects of your business:
Customers & Products and to automate your business.

After the 10 weeks you will walk away with: 

  • Clarity around your business goals and a roadmap (without all the detours) of how to achieve them. 
  • Identifying “sneaky mental blocks” that are holding you and your business back from its full potential.  (can you believe that we tend to self-sabotage right before hitting our goals?!

  • A deep understanding of who your target customers are and how to Attract, Connect & Convert them. 

  • Aligning your digital products or services with your unique “superpower traits” and expertise. This sets you apart from your competition. (showing up in your business as authentically YOU) 
  • Confidently pricing your products to be competitive (never question your pricing or (worse) discount!) 
  • Laying out your 90-day financial goals and a specific marketing strategy for your business to reach your financial goals.  (yes, we dig deep into your revenue, business expenses, and profits) 
  • Re-ignite your initial passion, enthusiasm, and excitement of your business.
    (instead of thinking of it as a “ball and chain” around your ankle.) 

Are you ready to hire a strategist?
To implement strategies into your business.
To go from overworked to autopilot? 

Jessica here…

I launched my business with a passion and excitement to help others.

But after a while… I felt overworked, exhausted, and  constantly chasing leads (that were generally a dead end). I felt overwhelmed and wasn’t making the impact that I desired.

I had to make some changes… otherwise I was going to burn myself out.

I went back to my Fortune 100 roots and started implementing the strategies I used while launching million dollar products. I now solely focus on two areas: my ideal customer (someone I could serve, needs my help and (most importantly) can afford me) and the products they needed.

Yes, my profits increased, but more importantly I am not hustling to find clients. I work less. Plus having a solid way of funneling new clients into my business allows me to not feel anxiety over cash flow.

Today, I only focus on what works for my business. I quit listening to all the “influencers” and created a strategy that is unique to me and my business.

What Makes Me Qualified?

I spent the majority of my career launching million dollar products for Fortune 100 companies.

I teach the same strategies to ambitious entrepreneurs (AKA YOU) that want to grow their brand to make a larger impact. 

My technique is simple and proven. This isn’t something that worked for me and may work for you. I use proven strategies that major corporations use to stay evergreen and profitable. 

I understand that you have to show up 100% authentic and if you don’t feel comfortable on live video feeds, I am not going to suggest you put together a marketing strategy of live videos! Your business needs to be unique and serve both YOU and your vision. 

What happens in group strategy sessions?

The 10-week structured program has a session every week. One week I have a teaching session with a Q&A, strategies you can implement within your business. The strategies I use are the same ones I used when launching million dollar products. However, they can be tweaked to ensure that it “feels good” and authentic within your business. Every other week is solely Q&A to make sure you are on track and not feeling “stuck”. 

Weekly Calls

The strategy sessions are held on Zoom, you will need to download Zoom to attend. All sessions will be recorded and uploaded into a private Facebook group. If you can not attend a session, you can jump into the FB group and ask your questions.  

Private Facebook Group

I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed or worse “stuck”. You will have a private Facebook group with other ambitious entrepreneurs where you can receive and give advice. (Connecting with other business owners will propel your business!) 


$1,200 for the 3-month program or if you would rather do a payment plan: 3 monthly payments of $420. 

Spots are limited, I do request that we do a 15 minute clarity call.
This allows me to understand your business and ensure
I am addressing your obstacles and challenges. (I want you to
get the most out of group strategy sessions!)