Gold Digging your way to higher profits

Hello there & welcome back. This is lesson 2 of a 3 part blog series on crafting the perfect Brand Messaging. In this article I am showing you the “Gold Digging” method and how it can change browsers to buyers. We are diving deep into crafting the perfect brand messaging. Brand messaging that connects with your target customer. By just doing a little “digging.” 

In the first blog I laid out “The Ask” method. (If you missed the post click here!) “The Ask” is all about diving into your future or current customers pain points and revealing what their current challenges are. It guides you on how to start connecting with your customers, showing them how valuable you are!

This post I am laying out the “Gold Digging” method. This is an awesome and easy way of pulling information that is going to help you write amazing copy!

What is Gold Digging?

If you have a negative connotation of Gold Digging… don’t worry I’m not asking you to marry a rich man or woman! What I am going to share with you is going to put money in the bank and all it takes is a little internet digging.

This is so easy. Are you ready?

Grab a pen and paper.  You’ll be surfing the internet and taking notes. I know you already surf the net… so this should be second nature!

Step 1 in Gold Digging

Research companies that are selling similar products and services in your market. To give you a few examples:

  • If you own a gym, look at local gyms.
  • Real Estate Agent- look at your competition in your market.
  • Interior Designer- look at other designers that focus in the same niche market.
  • Blogger- other successful bloggers that are in your industry niche. Large companies that supply products for your target customer. (i.e. If you are a mommy blogger you may want to look at baby product reviews.)

List up to 5-10 product or service competitors.  Easy right?

Step 2 Gold Digging- Reviews

Now here is the fun part, once you have a solid list of successful competitors. You’re going to read their reviews and testimonials so that you can find valuable information. 

I want you to look through different types of reviews, such as:

  • Comments on social media
  • Product Testimonials
  • Amazon Reviews
  • Yelp Reviews
  • Google Reviews

Why is this awesome? This is unfiltered customer feedback.

Let me explain how you will use this. Say you have a women’s gym and the focus is personalized one on one training.

You can look on Amazon and search for books on personal fitness for women. Scroll through the reviews and focus on the three star reviews. The five star reviews generally don’t have any negative feedback. The one star reviews will only be negative. The three star reviews, are where the gold is, they will have both positive and negative comments. Which is exactly what you want.


If you notice the above examples. They are not bashing the products or services, they are giving you the good and the bad.

As you go through 100’s of  reviews you will start to see recurring words. Both positive or negative. Start writing these down.

You will start to see trends. 

Not only is this method great for crafting your perfect brand messaging. But you can determine your market niche by using this same method. By offering the services or products that are lacking in the market, you will have a speciality. It’ll be your unicorn factor. 

Tying in the Gold Digging Method

Now that you know what people desire in your market. You are now able to start writing brand messaging that is going to connect and attract customers.

Looking at the negative and positive reviews you can start to speak directly to them.  Using the above example as the gym owner. She could craft her brand messaging such as, “State of the art gym with no hidden cost.”

At this point you can see how brilliant this is and that it literally takes you only a few hours of digging! Digging for gold!


The Game Plan

Take 2 hours and make a list of your market competition.

Analyze reviews on similar products and services. Write down all the recurring descriptive words both positive and negative.

Craft your tag lines, social media post, and marketing material around what your customer really wants! When they read your copy, they will think you are reading their minds! 

The best part about all of this is that everything is at your fingertips. Enjoy and let me know how you use Gold Digging to craft the perfect brand message!

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