This week I am sharing four podcasts that give me inspiration for both my business and sanity!

I tend to tune into a podcast when I need a break…

I’m sure you’ve been here! That moment when you’re at your desk and nothing seems to be working.

Or things are taking WAY longer than initially anticipated.

The feeling of overwhelm and anxiety setting in.

It’s time to take a deep breath. Get up, walk away.

Recharge and go back with gusto! 

In these moments, when I need a little reprieve I rely on Podcast. 

But first I have to share a little background info.

Please tell me that you too can be engulfed in an entire series on Netflix? That you have stayed up until 3 am without realizing the time, entranced by the tv?

Years ago, someone turned me onto Breaking Bad, it had just premiered on Netflix. This was the first time in my life where I realized I was a true addict.

Hurrying home from the office to watch 3-4 episodes. 

On the weekends, holding up in my apartment for 12-14 hours at a time. Confessing at the beginning of each new episode, “this is the last episode of the day, I need to get some shit done.

This year I committed to making a change. To stop binge-watching tv. The idea was to be more productive, to get off the couch. You know, to get more shit done.

Like a true addict, I transitioned my addiction from tv to podcasts.

This was great news for my dog who loves being outside, more so, sniffing and walking. The best part of my new addiction is that it is 100% mobile.

This means I can listen while working out, in the car, laying in the bed, walking the dog, cooking… I am divulging way too much at this point.

The pro’s: I am walking more and spending less time on the sofa (I may have dropped some weight!)

The con’s: still not getting shit done.

If you haven’t transitioned into the world of Podcast, let me introduce you. Nielsen released a stat recently stating that there are over 700,000 recorded Podcasts (this translates to- there is something out there you will LOVE).

The best part of Podcasts is that I can indulge from self-help to smut and it is all FREE!

I am going to share some of my favorites Podcast that inspire me, that I am also binge listening to- from straight up “beach read” to help your business grow.

The Dream – Jane Marie

Put on your seatbelts, this is a long, wild ride. The Dream takes a look into the lurid life of Multi-Level Marketing (aka Network Marketing). 

If you are on Facebook, there is no doubt you have a friend or family member that’s hawking the latest makeup, skincare, tupperware, or leggings. With post along the lines of, “Please help me, I only need to sell 3 more items this month to make….”

The podcast lays out the history of Multi-Level Marketing and shows how it prays on rural American’s– spouting dreams of financial hope and prosperity. But the harsh reality is revealed, less than 1% make as much as a teachers salary. As the truth unfolds, we learn the only winners are at the very top of the pyramid.

Favorite quote, “Just because they haven’t been prosecuted, doesn’t mean it isn’t illegal.”

To Live And Die in LA-  Neil Strauss

Neil Strauss’s, a writer for Rolling Stones magazine has a break-out new Podcast.  He was unexpectedly brought into a multi-state investigation of a 25-year old aspiring actress who had vanished in plain sight. 

You listen along as they uncover the story from Adea Shabani’s leaving her Hollywood apartment until the case is solved. The play-by-play, real time podcast unravels a captivating story that is both binge-worthy and shocking.

Listen along as Jayden Brant, a private investigator, and Neil Strauss piece together the last movements of Adea Shabani.

Noteworthy: If you love Dateline or 20/20 this is right up your alley. Also, it was shocking to learn that the LA Police Department does not have the manpower to solve missing persons cases. If you have a loved one go missing in the LA area, they will advise you to hire a private investigator.  If you can’t afford a PI, the second option is to go to the Salvation Army, who has a department that helps families look for missing loved ones.

Key take away: Do NOT come up missing in LA!  

The Life Coach School- Brooke Castillo

The no-nonsense Brooke Castillo brings a healthy dose of reality to her listeners weekly. The life coach insists to have a great life, you need to be able to manage your brain.

There’s no doubt that managing your thoughts and applying her method will help you live out your wildest dreams. Her weekly show is not only inspiring, but it urges you to analyze your thought processes behind the actions you take.

Hopefully one day, I’ll be able to understand the addiction behind my binge-worthy behavior and start using those hours in a more productive way. And Brooke gives me hope. (but seriously… do I really want help?)

Unique Takeaway: There are always three view points to every conversation. The perception of the person I am talking to, my perception and what was actually said.

Online Marketing Made Easy- Amy Porterfield

There are a number of reasons why I adore Amy Porterfield and one is her weekly podcast. She makes digital marketing easy, and it lets me stay in tune with the latest digital marketing craze.

Her open and honest insights are refreshing and she gives her listeners a variety of experts throughout the industry. Her style of dishing out actionable items, step-by-step, will take a business owner from marketing novice to having a thriving business in no time. 

Side Note: Being in the marketing arena, take items from her podcast that feel authentic to you and your business. If chatbots aren’t something that feels good, don’t dive in thinking you must do it! 

Happy binge listening! Leave your favorite podcast in the comments below! I am always looking for recommendations!

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