For years, I kept hearing business owners talking about finding their purpose.

And once they were able to find their purpose, they became aligned with the universe.
Miraculously their business took off. 

And they contributed it all to “finding their purpose”. 

Honestly, I felt that this was a load of “you know what”.

In my mind, talking about “finding your purpose” was right up there with witchcraft and performing a “rain dance” during a drought.

I have always had a love for branding and marketing. If you see me in public, don’t ask me questions about either, it gives me the opportunity to talk your ear off!  So, if I am passionate about something… that absolutely means you found your purpose, right?!

I have always had a love for branding and marketing. If you see me in public, don’t ask me questions around either, it gives me the opportunity to talk your ear off! And if you are passionate about something… that absolutely means you found your purpose, right?!

At this point I knew I wasn’t in “alignment” with my purpose and business.

Internally I was buying into “finding my purpose”. If this was going to help kick-start my business and bring me joy and excitement… I was down to try anything.

I did a lot of soul searching and I have to warn you, nothing magically happened overnight. But I set out to discover my purpose, to align my purpose with my business and have a joy-filled life. 

Once I was able to find what brings me joy and excites me. I realigned my business with my purpose.

What I found was that people started showing up in my life. Opportunities started opening up. And more importantly, I felt an inner peace, inner joy, and a new direction around my business.

I want you to feel the same way about your life and business.

I invited Brittany Darlington, founder of Corporate Misfit, on the Wednesday Wrap-Up to share how she discovered her purpose in life and turned it into a profitable business. She shares how she went about discovering her purpose in life.

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Brittany’s transition from Corporate to Business Owner. 

2:06 Brittany shares how she transitioned from Corporate America to owning her own business.

3:58 Brittany puts a positive spin on wearing a bunch of different hats through entrepreneurship. Unlike Corporate America, you are able to see how each “job” works together to make a full business operation.

5:16 What is Corporate MissFit?

Brittany had been an entrepreneur for a decade before launching Corporate Misfit.
As with most new entrepreneurs, she had endured many”bumps” and “holes” in her first few years in business. After growing her business for a decade, she set out to help others. 

She had previously discovered her true purpose in life was to help others that did not have the same resources she had available.
Knowing there were women out there sitting in a cubicle, doing the 9-5 job, hating it, but they knew there was something better out there.
Her mission became clear, to launch a support and membership site to help women take a business from the beginning stags and strategically get to where they wanted to go with a roadmap.

9:09 Brittany shares with us a common myth that so many new business owners believe.

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What does finding your purpose really mean? 

11:31 What does finding your purpose really mean? I kept hearing people say it when I launched my business, but I honestly struggled with it. How do you go about finding your purpose?

12:03 When Brittany was trying to figure out her purpose, her goal was to identify what lit her up inside, what fulfills me. What makes me feel I was called to do?

She went about finding her purpose in many different ways. Hanging out with certain people, but she never felt fulfilled in what she was doing.

Finally, she sat down and had a “come to Brittany moment” where she was asking herself, “What do I enjoy? What lights me up? What gets me excited?”

One thing she noticed was, she lights up helping non-profits. When she is able to give back to people that may not have the same resources she does. 

She started a list and wrote down everything that brought her job, excitement and lit her up inside.

She started asking herself…


What excites me? What brings me joy? What fires me up?

13:43 She read a book from Napoleon Hill, Think And Grow Rich.

The book shows you how you can get anything you desire.

She took the tips from the book and started writing down her goals.

“Your goals ultimately have something to do with your purpose. Our intentions and things in our mind ultimately lead to a goal which turns into a desire.”

She read the book and applied the tips and tools it suggested. By writing down what she loves, what excites her, it led her to create goals.

And from those goals, she started to write action steps down in order to accomplish her goals.  She continued to put items in a “pile” that really fulfill her inside. She kept doing this over and over.

Over time she came to realize her purpose in life was to help others get what they want. It could be from helping women getting to the next level. To working with non-profits.

Her purpose on this planet is to help other people get to what they want. She has figured out how to get things she wanted in life, and now she wants to share those methods and tools to help others. 


How to go about finding your purpose in life. 

15:13 If you are struggling to figure out what is your life’s purpose is? What you should be doing? Or how to identify it, Brittany is sharing it with us.

Take time, to start identifying what lights you up.

What makes you feel good inside?

Gets you excited?

What would you do even if you didn’t get paid?

Start paying attention to this because ultimately what is happening, your gut and intention is telling you something and you have to act on it and explore it more.

 It doesn’t happen overnight. It may not happen in a year. 

But recognizing what your gut is trying to tell you. What is your gut leading you to? Pay attention to it, act on it and see if it is something you are interested in. Ultimately you will find what your purpose in this world. 

18:04 The book states you may not have your plan at first, you may not know what your purpose is when you first read it. But start identifying the things that you do want and how you want to feel. This helps you start to identify what you are called to do in this world.

How do people find their purpose?

“All you have to do is start small. Start small by identifying what brings you joy? Start small by identifying what really lights you up? If you could have life your way, what would you be doing? And then ultimately, you start to take action and play on that.”

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Brittany is giving all viewers an opportunity to join Misfit Mastermind for just $7 per month – For Female Entrepreneurs only- Click here to join! 

If you are on a mission to find your life purpose and align it with your business, leave a comment below and share with us! Sharing goals with others helps with accountability and motivation! 



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