If you have a business, especially an online business then chances are- you’ve heard of a sales funnel.

If you are thinking:

What the heck is a sales funnel?

Why would I need one?

Or I don’t have products so I don’t need a sales funnel? This article is for you!

I am dishing on sales funnel basics- sales funnels 101.

Let’s break down the basics before I get into all the components you’ll need to have a successful Sales Funnel!

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is essentially leading a customer through the buying process. I could add a complicated definition here but for the sake of making this super simple- it is introducing your future customer to you, earning trust and showing them how valuable your products and services are!

Why do I need a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a way to introduce your target customer to your brand. Show them that you have the solution to their challenges/ pain points. Grow their loyalty and trust and be seen as an industry expert. For them to ultimately buy your products or services! 

Are Sales Funnels just for product launches?

The answer to that question is NO. Depending on what your marketing objectives are, sales funnels can be used to:

  • Grow your email list with qualified leads
  • Sell products/services
  • Pre-sell products/services
  • Grow your Facebook group

Sales Funnels will be your new best friend by the end of this article! Having an automated sales funnel, one that is generating leads that turns into customers everyday will make your life easier!

Let’s talk about the basics first! You will need to have the below five components laid out before launching your Sales Funnel.

Sales Funnel Basics #1

Have clarity around your brand. This means that you should have a distinct market niche and know who your target customers are. Be able to distinguish what separates you apart from your competition. You know your special “unicorn factor.” 

Sales Funnel Basics #2

Know and understand your future customers pain points and challenges. Ensure your brand messaging speaks directly to those challenges. (If you are unsure about brand messaging, check out this three part blog series that breaks it down!)

Sales Funnel Basics #3

What is the solution to your customer’s challenge or pain point? How can you make their lives better/easier? How can you convey that you have the answer that they need? 

Sales Funnel Basics #4

Call To Action- Have only one call to action for your sales funnel. You have to tell people exactly what do! 

What is your business objective? What marketing initiative are you addressing?

Are you running this funnel to build your email list? Are you launching a new product or service? Or is this an evergreen product and you need an automated sales funnel?

Sales Funnel Basics #5

Create an irresistible offer. An offer that is relevant to what your marketing strategy is and what your customers will find valuable! 

If you are building your email list or Facebook group you would want to offer a 5 day challenge or a freebie.  If you are selling a brand new product you would want them to show up for your webinar. 

For more ideas irresistible offers go into The Vault there is a checklist with over 50 different “lead magnets” that you can offer your future customers. If you are unsure what a lead magnet is, don’t worry I’ve got you covered, check out this blog where I break it down!

I find that the best way of learning is through examples.

I am going to break down every component of a webinar sales funnel. Now, if you are looking for other funnels- There is a “5 day challenge sales funnel” and a “video sales funnel” diagram in The Vault- go up to the navigation bar and click on The Vault! 

Let’s break this down- in this example our marketing objective is to launch a brand new product. In doing that, we want to funnel future customers into a live webinar sales funnel. We can show value, make a sales pitch and answer questions in the live webinar. 

I am breaking down this Sales Funnel step-by-step!

Sales Funnel Step 1- Find people that would be interested in your products.

– Run Ads (Facebook or Instagram)

-Send email out to current subscribers letting them know about your upcoming webinar and for them to sign up!

– Write a blog post.

-Post on Social Media Pages.

Sales Funnel Step 2- Registration Page

You will need to set up a Webinar Registration page. You will link to the registration page in your ads, emails, blogs, social media pages.

Sales Funnel Step 3- Thank You Page

Once your future customer signs up on the registration page they will be redirected to a Thank You Page.

Sales Funnel Step 4- Webinar Details Email

First email is automatically sent to your future customer with webinar details.

Depending on how far out the webinar is, you may have a series of emails. Emails that add valuable info and lead your future customer to tune into your live webinar! 

A day before you go live- an email reminder is sent stating that the webinar is in 24 hours.

1 hour before the webinar- another email reminder letting them know you will be live in 1 hour! 

Sales Funnel Step 5- Live Webinar

Deliver your awesome live webinar. (May want to incentivize webinar registrants during the webinar. Using bonuses, freebies or discounts if they purchase within a specific amount of time. Scarcity motivates people!)

Sales Funnel Step 6- Short Sales Page

After you deliver your live webinar the can sign up for your awesome products through a short sales page. This is basic and has all the info for them to immediately sign up.

There are two options. 

Option 1: they will either purchase immediately! YAY!!!  If so- your sales funnel is complete. You have successfully funneled a cold audience into a customer! Congrats!

If they did not purchase, you will go to Step 7.

Sales Funnel Step 7- Replay

Send out a replay of the webinar. This will go out to anyone that didn’t purchase or that did not show up for the Live webinar.

Sales Funnel Step 8- Email Drip Campaign- Long Sales Page

Create an email drip campaign. This would consist of several emails that are sent out over a specific period of time. You will need to have a detailed longer sales page. That has testimonials, benefits, value, etc.

Sales Funnel Step 9- Cart Closes

Cart Closes email should go out 24 hours before your sell ends. You may want to do one 12 hours or 3 hour before!

You can see that there are several moving parts to a successful Sales Funnel. Having all the components of the Sales Funnel fully executed before launching, will make your life so much easier. On this funnel this is what you will need to have prepared:

  • If you are running ads you will need to have your ad copy and images ready to launch.
  • An email or series of emails for your current email subscribers.
  • Social Media post (if you are using affiliates you will need to ensure you have all of their post and emails pre-written)
  • Blog or video post completed
  • Webinar registration page designed and published.
  • Thank you page designed. It is nice to have a video on this page personally thanking your future customer for signing up.
  • Email series for the live webinar.
  • Webinar outlined (if you need slides or any other assets)
  • Short Sales Page fully executed and published
  • Long sales page fully executed and published
  • Drip emails over the cart closes period. (7-10 emails)

This seems like a lot of work and it is! There is no doubt. By breaking all these tasks down over 2-3 weeks, there won’t be overwhelm or stress! Plus once you have every component done, you can rerun this funnel or even automate it where it is on autopilot!

The good news is- you only have to complete these steps once!! 

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