Is Entrepreneur FOMO killing your profits?

If you are constantly falling off track and not accomplishing your goals. This could all be derived from Entrepreneur FOMO. The fear of missing out! (Not sure about how to set goals, check this out!

I like to call this the “shiny object syndrome”. In this video I explain what FOMO is and how we you can stop derailing your goals that is impacting your bottom line. 

Is Entrepreneur FOMO all bad?

So not all Entrepreneur FOMO is bad, however, in this video I am breaking down how to start evaluating if you need a new course or program!
By laying out your overall:
– Brand Strategy and current goals are
– The Resources that you have available
– And what your current Finances are 
You are able to make educated decisions for your brand that impact your bottom line! Ensuring that you are staying on track to accomplish what you set out to do will be your key to success! 
For more information watch the below video.
Plus there is an awesome worksheet for you to so you don’t fall into the Entrepreneur FOMO trap! You’ll find the worksheet at the bottom! 
Entrepreneur FOMO Is killing your profits!

Entrepreneur Fomo is killing your profits! Fear of missing out isn't just within your personal life, it is impacting our businesses too! That shiny business opportunity may not be your best bet. Today I am dishing on 3 questions to ask yourself to make sure that you are not derailing your profits! FREE Printable in the comments! #entrepreneur #smallbusiness #solopreneur

Posted by Brand X Consults on Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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