I am sharing with you, the most common reason why you are not attracting, connecting and converting your perfect customers and it is as simple as having a customer niche! 

Let me give you some backstory:

Before I jump on a Customer Strategy session with a client, I do a little research and click on their website to see who they targeting. 

This is what I normally see:

  • “I work with entrepreneurs”
  • “My passion is working with creative entrepreneurs.”
  • “I work with entrepreneurs who make over $x amount/year.”

The issue is that their customer base is too broad and they can’t understand their customer enough to have a real connection!  

The riches are in the niches, Customer Niches!

At this point, you have heard someone say, “You need to have a niche when it comes to your business.” However, for most entrepreneurs, there is a lingering fear around having a small unique niche.  The biggest fear thinking a small targeted group = fewer sales. I am here to walk you through the fear and debunk it!

For starters there are a few reasons why having a small customer niche will benefit your business:

  • You are able to understand the struggle of a smaller group of “like” individuals
  • Speak directly to them “they will feel like you are reading their mind”
  • Attract and connect with similar consumers through content
  • Not to mention target marketing to save mega money 

Honestly, there are way more benefits, that outweigh the cons! 


How do you find your specific customer niche?

Let’s talk about something a little scary. Not only do you want to ATTRACT your perfect customer but you want to REPEL people who are NOT a goof fit for your business. 

Believe me, you want to repel people! I know, I know. You are thinking, but I just need to make a sale! 

Trust me, you want to repel people that are not a good fit for your business and tend to have traits similar to:

  • Someone that isn’t open-minded and willing to change
  • Not willing to take a hard look at their business or personal life and make positive change
  • Doesn’t trust you and in turn questions every step of the process
  • A total slacker that doesn’t want to do the work and will not get the results (inevitably leaves negative feedback!)

Who do you want to attract to your business? 

Who would you love to work with every single day? If you had ONE awesome client, who is it and what are their traits? You want to start attracting consumers exactly like that perfect customer! 

To find who you want as your perfect customer ask yourself: 

  • Are there a certain group of people that you’re passionate about?

  • Have you been in your client’s shoes? Could you grow a business around your own plight and attract similar consumers like yourself?

  • Looking at your past clients- do they have similar traits that you liked?

  • Is there a narrow market you have expert knowledge in and would be able to share valuable information?

Now that you have a good idea of your new narrowed down customer niche I want to share an example and pull this all together! 


Let’s use the example of a health coach whose focus is to help people who are 50 lbs or more overweight. Most people would think this is niche enough, but let’s run through this for one hot second!


Based on Wikipedia, over one-third of the US population is obese. How are you going to target market and attract, connect and convert one-third of the US population? On a budget???

At this point, you would need to research more and find a smaller demographic. Let’s look at women who need to lose 50 lbs or more, suffering from health issues due to being overweight, have young children and are single moms.

Your research would unveil areas that resonate with the majority of these women:

  • Waking up in the middle of the night, in a cold sweat with anxiety running through their body knowing they need to make changes to their health and overall well-being

  • Tried all types of diet programs but none have “worked”

  • The stress of being a single mom to small children

  • The lingering fear of “extra” health expense creates anxiety (if they are pre-diabetic or other health scares that come with being overweight)

  • The desire to be healthy not only for themselves but for their children.

  • Deep fear that if something happens to them if they do not make a change, who would raise their children? 

Do you see how you can understand the internal dialogue going on with this small demographic? You are able to connect through emotional words that you understand their plight and have the journey they so desperately need and desire. You are able to show empathy, support and (more importantly)  you have the solution.

Looking at the example above, I want to pull out the “wins” of having a niche customer base. 

The benefits of having a niche customer base are insanely awesome for your business:

  • Writing content- such as opt-ins, social media, vlogs, or blogs becomes easier when you have a specific set of “friends” you are speaking to! (How much time will this save you weekly?)

  • Marketing Strategy- understanding what to say and where to say it.

  • Marketing ROI- target marketing small specific groups allows you to spend less and ultimately make more.  

Who’s with me when it comes down to niching down your customer?  Leave a comment if you found this article helpful and please share on social media!

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