“Jess customized my marketing strategy to fit my products with the right target audience and my budget. Being a brand new company, I have to work conservatively with my capital. However, marketing is crucial to any new business. Jess was able work with my conservative marketing budget to come up with the most impactful marketing strategy. She’s super easy to work with and very personable. She made digital marketing comprehensible for someone like me who’s not social media savy.”

– Nope Butler, Nope Butler Jewelry

I created these courses with you in mind.

I want to help you as an entrepreneur to lay out the foundation of your brand and skyrocket your profits!

I teach you the same strategies that Fortune 100 companies use to stay profitable and evergreen in a saturated market. These are the same things I teach my clients, to have six-figure launches!. There is no fluff, only the stuff that works!

Launching a business is hard work, I want to make it easier for you. I want you to enjoy the journey by giving you the strategies that work!

I created these programs to help you skyrocket your online business.

Check out my Courses and Masterminds below:

Branding Defined is a mini-course that walks you through how to set up your business plan. This FREE course is a step-by-step guide that lays out all the components of building a competitive brand.


The name says it all. My signature course is all about uncovering your brand’s superpowers. This step-by-step course walks you through the “4 Pillars Of Brand Strategy”The same strategies Fortune 100 companies implement to stay profitable and relevant in a saturated market.

I host 2-4 hour long virtual workshops on branding and marketing! To learn more about all the different workshops and when they are offered, please sign up and we will send you the schedule.