Are you working grueling hours but not producing the results you desire?

You are not alone. I have met many clients and colleagues that are spinning on all cylinders. But not producing the results they desire.

If you identify with any of the below this blog will help you.

  • You are not focused or have a clear direction within your brand.


  • Your marketing strategy is similar to throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks.


  • You spend countless hours creating content for different social media channels.


  • You have launched products or services and your sales are dismal.


  • You don’t have a consumer profile posted near your working space.

After talking to business owners, I found there was 1 culprit of feeling overwhelmed, overworked and under producing. It was not having a clear, defined brand strategy.

Before you tune out. I get that brand strategy is the least sexy item to talk about when it comes to your business. One person told me it was, “boring”.

“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.” -Steve Forbes CEO of Forbes, Inc.

I am on a mission to make brand strategy uncomplicated and easy to implement for a successful brand.

I want you to take a minute and think about a scenario.

You meet up with your friend. You are looking forward to seeing her. When you get to lunch there are an array of topics you can discuss.

You start off by asking about her family. How her husband is doing? Did he receive a promotion at his job? How are her children? Are they loving their new school? If you are in the south, “How is your momma doing?”

You progress into the conversation without skipping a beat. You know her interest and behaviors. You ask about the new fitness class she is taking and if she is seeing “real” results.

You know areas that may upset her and steer clear of those topics.

When a holiday or her birthday rolls around you know exactly what to purchase her. You deliver the gift with joy and she receives it with the same amount of enthusiasm.

What if you started thinking about your brand strategy in the same way?

What if you knew your market and customers the same way. You understood their behaviors and interest. You know what motivates them to buy and what products or services to launch- to launch to enthusiasm.

What if I told you there is a solution to stop spending countless hours posting on Social media? 

 What if I told you that your brand strategy walks you through what products or services to launch?

That with a solid strategy you will understand “how, where, and when” to market to your consumer. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where you knew exactly what to say to your perfect customer, just like you do to your friend at lunch? 

What if launching products were exactly the same way as giving a gift? You know exactly what they desire and your launch is met with enthusiasm?

This isn’t just happening in a perfect world. There’s a simple solution and it is defining your brand strategy.

I spent over a year interviewing top executives at Fortune 100 companies to understand what it takes for their brands to stay recognizable, profitable and evergreen… even after 100 years of doing business.

I took what I learned and have condensed it into what I now know as the 4 pillars of brand strategy. The 4 strategies every brand needs to have to be successful and evergreen.

Over the course of the next three blog post, I am breaking down the four pillars for you to start implementing. For you to start working less and producing more. It is time for you to start strategizing and quit “trying” new routes. 

I promise you that it won’t matter how many courses you take or what masterminds you join to market your business. Getting clear about your brand will be the first step to having clarity, focus and results.

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