The number one question I hear entrepreneurs asking in business threads are:

“How do I write brand messaging that connects with potential customers.”

I know the struggle is real when we talk about crafting copy that turns browsers into buyers! 
In this 3 part blog series I am sharing three sure fire ways to help you craft your own unique brand message!

If you are struggling with connecting with your target customers this blog post is for you!
Before we get going I want to discuss what brand messaging is and how it benefits your business?
Brand messaging refers to the underlying value proposition conveyed and language used in your content. It’s what makes buyers relate to your brand. By inspiring them, persuading them and motivating them. They will want to buy your product.

Brand messaging is used on any branded content. From your sales pages, lead pages, marketing material, or your website! You can see that it is important that you are conveying the right feelings and message when a potential customer finds you!

10 Seconds Or Less To Capture Your Customer Through Brand Messaging

We live in a fast paced world! Statistics show that we have approximately 7 to 10 seconds to capture someone’s attention!
That means that your brand messaging needs to convey a clear, clean message. It has to quickly show your future customer how you will benefit them and add value to their life! (Seems simple right?!?!) 
Having the right brand message that instantly connects with your potential customers will be the key to your success!
Have you ever gone to a website and left thinking… “I have no idea what they do or what they specialize in?”
Or dined in a restaurant and there are so many items on the menu it was unclear as to what their specialty is?
That my friend, is what I am referencing to as BAD brand messaging! We are going to discuss today how you can avoid that pitfall and start developing a concise message today!

I want to introduce you to an easy way of finding out valuable information from your customers, it is called “The Ask”.

Brand Messaging Using “The Ask” Method

The first thing that you need to know is- how can you best serve your potential and current customers.

In order to have brand messaging that speaks directly to them! The best way of finding this information out is by asking them!

There are different ways of “asking,” I am going to highlight surveys to show you how to start finding the answers you need. Surveys are going to help you uncover the info that will take your brand to the next level.
Let’s break down how to use Surveys with “The Ask”  method into 3 simple parts: 
  • What types of questions you should be asking
  • Who should be taking your surveys and how to find them 
  • Do’s and don’ts to help you put together awesome surveys that will impact your bottom line

What questions should you ask that gives you insight on how to position your brand’s messaging?

The goal of your brand messaging will be to trigger your potential customer into purchasing your products. For them to look at your website or sales page and know that you can help them.  We will do this by finding out what their current challenges and pain points are and writing copy that shows how you can solve their issues! (You know… make their lives better!)
As you are coming up with questions think along the lines of: 
  • Your brands positioning within your industry. What separates you from the competition and makes you unique. 
  • What problem(s) you are solving.

Transition into thinking, "How can I help you?"

The below questions should help you develop your own questions for your survey:
– What are your customers pain points? What are their current challenges?
– What would make their lives easier or better?
– What is their lifestyle like?
– What are their core beliefs?
– What services/products could you offer that would make their lives easier?
– What do they need in their business that would allow them to spend more time with their families?
– What can your business do to help them focus on high dollar returns for their company?
– Are they using similar products that you offer and what would they change about them? What do they like about those products?
Let me give you an example:
Whole foods brand messaging attracts people that want a healthy lifestyle. People that desire to eat organic food. Individuals that want to purchase from “local” farmers. Their brand messaging attracts people by their core beliefs and lifestyle choices.

When you are asking questions I urge you to dig deep to find their “triggers”. If they feel like you really understand them and what they need, they will buy from you!
You’re on your way to getting answers that you need from your target customers. You may be thinking, this is great but where in the heck am I going to find people to take a survey? 

Who should fill out my survey and where are they? 

There are many options in finding people to fill our your surveys! Keep in mind that you want to focus in on your target customer. Meaning a person that would potentially purchase your products.
1- Adding a survey to your website is a great way to obtain feedback. This is incredibly insightful. You’re able to target not only current customers but also visitors (potential customers). There are many ways you can incorporate this to your site. You can add it as a pop-up or put it on your navigation bar.
2- If you have an email list, send out a survey to your “active” email subscribers. Active subscribers are the people who consistently open your emails.
3- If you do not have any customers at this point nor an email list, that is OK. There is an awesome service called Ask Your Target Audience. ( the website is For around $1,000 you will receive back 100 completed surveys.. This may sound expensive, but launching a brand, creating products, and creating marketing copy for people who will never purchase your products is way more expensive! (This sounds passive aggressive but seriously!)
4- Facebook groups can be a great way to find your target customer!
5- Ask current or past colleagues if they know anyone. Friends or friends of friends may know people!
People generally want to help! But keep in mind the basic rule: Everyone is out for themselves! What can you do for me?
I suggest adding a little bait to the deal. Creating an incentive for someone to take the survey is ideal. Think along the lines of value added items: checklist, raffle drawings of a free service or gift card.
You have a great grasp on what valuable questions you need to be asking to skyrocket your brand. Let’s discuss a few guidelines for surveys so that you get the best results!

Tips on Getting The Most Value Out Of Your Surveys

I have put together some do’s & don’ts to ensure that you are getting the right feedback! You can download them at the bottom of the page! 
Don’t: Throw together a survey in a few minutes. Think about your entire brand strategy and what questions will help you bring the most value to your customers.
Do: Incentivize people to take the survey. Think of something they would find valuable like a checklist or service. If you are asking questions about an interior design business- offering a free guide to Feng Shui. Or fffer a raffle drawing for a free service or gift card.
Don’t: Create questions to walk people down the path you want to lead them down! If you ask questions to manipulate outcomes, it will not be useful.
Do: Create open ended questions where people write in the answers. If all your questions are multiple choice you are not digging deep enough. 
If you are thinking… I do not want to ask my customers questions. This is just going to annoy them! I can’t convey this enough to you… This is the information that is going to set you apart from your competition. This is what you need to be able to take your company to the next level! Get out of your comfort zone and be a boss!

The Game Plan

Where can you find surveys? Check out survey monkey or google surveys. They are both Free. 
Take a few hours over the course of the next 3 days and develop your questions. Investigating your future customer’s pain points and what their challenges are. Finding out their “triggers”. 
Once you have all of the information from the surveys. Start grouping positive trigger words and negative trigger words into columns. These are the words you will be using to formulate your brand messaging. By highlighting the “struggle” and showing them that you have the solution is when you start to connect. This turns browsers into buyers!
Not only is this method brilliant for crafting awesome brand messaging but it is great for any validation blitz for new products or services! You will be using this method through the lifetime of your brand to stay connected to your customers.
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