Do you find it challenging to attract the RIGHT types of clients to your business?

When it comes to attracting clients to your business, do you find that they want to negotiate your pricing? Or lead you on for weeks at a time and not make decisions? Who constantly complain or are unhappy?

Do you feel like you are hustling to find new people for your business but they are not finding you?

You and I both know, these are not the RIGHT customers for your business. And it is time to pivot! To start attracting people who:

  • trust you and your process
  • does the work to get the results,
  • can afford you and,

But before you can start attracting people to your business, there is one step you have to do. It is all about, getting clear on who your target customer is. 

I have asked Shannon Garrison Negi, a business coach and former Corporate Finance executive, to be a guest on my YouTube channel. She is sharing how her business pivoted when she started to hone in and focus on her target customers. Her business started attracting people she could serve, needed her help and (most importantly) could afford her. 

Tune in to listen to her divulge tips and tricks for you to start to hone in on your unique customers and start attracting them.

Click here to watch the interview.



Ready to start getting clear around who your perfect customer is and start attracting them today? 

Check out these highlights: 

  • The biggest mistake I see business owners make is not niching their customer base down. There’s a lingering fear if their customer base is too small their profits will suffer. But the opposite happens. 
  • If you’re not clear about who your target customers are, how will they know you’re the right person for them? Let’s say you asked your husband to bring you donuts home and he shows up with two chocolate donuts. You didn’t want chocolate donuts, you wanted glazed donuts! But if you didn’t get specific, how would he know? This is the same thing we do with our customers. We’re not clear on who are target customers are and we attract people that are NOT our ideal customers (aka the complainers, negotiators, etc). 
  • “The, Yes factor” is when you hone in on your ideal customer and start speaking their language. They start connecting with your content and they think you’re “reading their mind”. This is when you start to see a shift within your business.
  • If you are not putting out the right message online, how are they going to find you? Your messaging and content should be speaking to your ideal customer.
  • Keep your messaging on point and don’t stray. It’s ok to repeat your same message! Become the expert and go-to for that ONE thing. (You wouldn’t go to your dentist and ask for a pap smear… same goes with your messaging and the problems you solve!)  
  • Who’s your target customer? Generally, when you first launch your business, the person you’re going to serve is a former version of yourself. We tend to have a problem and solve it. We share our transformation from A to B, or A to D with our potential clients.  It’s showing up and talking about the problem and what the end results look like.
  • Make sure you are excited about your transformation. That way you feel confident when it comes to sharing and talking about it. Chances are, you’re already talking about your transformation and not realizing it!
  • Ask yourself, which piece of the puzzle do you love sharing? What moments bring you joy when you solved your problem?  Create a business around that portion of your transformation. Develop content, blog posts, services and courses around your transformation.
  • Stay consistent with your message, especially the first few years you’re in business. Put blinders on and solely focus on a few challenges you can solve. Become an expert in the problem you are solving.
  • And remember, if your message is shifting and changing… your customer will never be able to find you.

Ready To Get Crystal Clear On Who Your Perfect Customer is?

I’ve made a video for you, walking you through how to find your perfect niche customer!

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Attracting clients to your business will no doubt make your life easier.

Shannon was brilliant at sharing her story on how having a targeted niche customer has pivoted her business, increased her sales and made her business mission crystal clear! 

To learn more about Shannon you can visit her website or join her robust Facebook Group- Embracing The Brilliance.

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