We are breaking down the 90 Day Win system for your goal setting success!

This is part two of a two-part series. I highly recommend checking out the first part here where I break down how to set intentional goals! 

I have admitted more than once, planning is not my forte. When I go on vacation, I hire a company to plan out my entire trip! Who’s with me?

But we can’t show up in our businesses with no goals or plans! It was time I made some serious changes !

I met Sandra Barker-McIntosh in a mastermind and she shared with me her 90 Day Win system. I fell in love with how easy it was and made goal setting “fun”.  (lazy girls guide to perfection over here!) 

I implemented her system in the middle of 2019 and was amazed at the results I received.

Of course, I had to share it with you.  I invited Sandra on The Wednesday Wrap-Up to share her 90-day win system with you for you to obtain the same results.

Before pre-planning.

I didn’t make consistent monthly revenue.

All over the place with what I was launching for the year! Honestly, I didn’t think more than 90 days out!

Launched items without enough planning and marketing.. they would consistently fail!

After implementing the 90-day system for the last part of 2019.

I know what I am doing daily. Everyday I have tasks laid out, this helps me stay focused and on on track of hitting my goals!

I take half a day on Friday’s off. I don’t ever have items lingering for the weekend!

My anxiety and stress have decreased with a plan that aligns with my long term business vision!

Check out the video and leave a comment below and let me know some of your big business goals!

Please keep in mind, if you find the post in Feb… don’t procrastinate you can have a calendar year that starts in Feb for your business! (most retail has a fiscal year that ends in March or May!)

How To Confidently Price Your Services

How To Confidently Price Your Services

Pricing out services as a coach or service based business is challenging. Most female business owners struggle with confidently pricing their services! In this article, I am laying out how you can competitively price your services, to never question your pricing or (even worse) discount your services again!