When it comes to marketing, having a solid 90-day marketing strategy is the way to go! 

While working in Corporate America, we had 90-day marketing strategies for our clients. It was to ensure we hit deadlines, not miss major holidays,  but more importantly to ensure items didn’t fall between the cracks. (we have all had that happen!) 

Why I didn’t incorporate a 90-day marketing plan sooner, is beyond me. I am guessing it was more the fact that it felt daunting and overwhelming.

I would sit down with two hours blocked off and expect to complete the entire 90-days. Yeah, that isn’t going to happen!

Today, I am breaking down how to put together a 90-day marketing strategy into bite-size pieces. And remember, you do not have to do all of it in one sitting! Plan a few days (max. a week) to put it together. 

This is the second part of a 2-part series. If you have not read watched or read the first part, I urge you to do it first! It will make putting your 90-day marketing strategy together a cinch. Get it here.


Authentic Marketing To Attract, Connect & Convert (5 day mini course)

This is an exert out of the 5-day mini-course I offer. (it is free) It takes you from, “I hate marketing” to having a solid 90-day marketing strategy with sales funnels. (yes even sales funnels)

Why do a 90-day marketing strategy, what’s in it for me? 

When you train for a 5k, 10k, half marathon or marathon, you have a training schedule. A schedule that lays out what days you will run, how far, rest days, etc. Having a solid running plan allows you to complete your end goal. To finish the race! Same for your business. 

When you plan to launch a new service in January, I want you to have the opportunity to create buzz BEFORE the launch. To get people interested. To have clients enrolled before you even launch your new service! And the most effective way of doing that is by having a 90-day marketing strategy. 

Some other benefits of having a plan in place: 

By prepping and laying out your plan, you’re no longer stressing out about what content you will put out (weekly) 

Having a fully executed plan around new launches, or holidays allows you to build momentum. Your clients will know about it before it launches. (Think about a movie trailer, they start advertising movie trailers weeks before they hit theaters. It gains momentum, they want you to purchase a ticket for opening night!)

Your life runs smoothly and you feel less stressed. Loving Mondays again! 

The people around you are happier because you are happier. (not a total fact, but it happened for me!) 

Before we launch in, we have some rules to go over. 

As you are preparing your 90-day marketing strategy, keep in mind nothing is permanent. If you need to rearrange items, it is flexible. This is a guide to ensure items are not falling between the cracks and your stress level goes down! 

You have to commit to updating the 90-day strategy once a month, to ensure it stays relevant. 

Add both your personal and business goals to your 90-day marketing strategy.  It helps with a  work/life balance. Plus your personal life is just as important as your business life! 

Step 1: Reverse engineering

The first step is to set financial goals for the month. There are two ways you can do this. 

You can either determine it based on a dollar amount. “I want to make $10,000 in March.”

Or you can determine how many people you would like to work with. “This month I want to enroll 4 new people in my group coaching, and I have 2 slots open for one-on-one coaching.” 

I use to set revenue goals and work backwards. I now look at how much time I can devote to new clients vs. existing ones. And I make my goals based on the number of new clients I feel comfortable on-boarding and then I set my financial goal. 

Since we are doing 90-days all up front, you will need to sketch out the next three months. 

Looking at your offerings (example below) how many new clients do you want to enroll and what is your financial goal? 

You currently offer: 
Group Coaching $250/month 

One-On-One Coaching $2,500/month

However, you would like to launch in month 2:
One-On-One intensives (2 hr) $350

And you have a goal of speaking to other women: 
Speaking Engagements $1,000+ 

Step 2: Laying Out Your Goals

Since you are doing this for the first time, you’ll need to lay out the next three months. Moving forward, you will only have to do one month at a time. (sigh of relief) 

These goals may need to be tweaked. But take 30 minutes and write down your goals for the next three months. 

Here is an example: 

Month 1: 

Enroll 6 new clients into group coaching $1500

3 new one-on-one clients $7,500

Market One-On-One 2 hour intensive calls @$350 

Meet with 2 key-note speakers to find out about speaking venues and how to pitch

Financial Goal: $9,000

Month 2:

Enroll 7 new people into group coaching: $1750

2 spots open for one-on-one client: $5,000

Enroll 2 new clients into the 2-hr intensives: $700

Create speaking reel and send out pitches 

Revenue Goals: $7,450

Month 3:

Enroll 7 people into group coaching: $1750

4 spots for one-on-one clients $10,000

4 One-On-One Intensive:  $1400

Speaking Engagement: $1200

Revenue Goals: $14,350

It is important for to understand how you are going to hit your goals. It comes down to how many people do you need to be interacting with and connecting with to ensure you are always getting new clients. 

Step 3: Marketing Channels 


Where are your clients hanging out? (This was part of last weeks blog)

My number one way of meeting clients is through networking events, friends, and referrals. This is by far my best way of closing business.

Keep in mind you may have some amazing sales funnels set up and solely rely on people finding you through your social media or website. It is whatever works for you!

Take 10 minutes and list out how people find you (aka where they hang out) 


Networking Events

Pinterest (my number one organic traffic driver to my website is Pinterest) 

Speaking engagements (Podcasts, in peoples Facebook Groups) 

Social Media (Instagram, Facebook) 

You will need to incorporate all of your marketing channels into your 90-day plan with content! This is the way you start becoming visibility and gaining momentum! 

Step 4: The Game Plan- putting together your 90-day marketing strategy 

Watch the video to see a real 90-day marketing strategy I use with my clients to visually see how I lay it out! 

Each month I have to set goals to ensure I am in front of enough people to hit my financial goals. Below are examples of goals I set.

Attend a minimum of 3 networking events (per month) with a goal to connect with 3 people at each one. 

Interact with people any time I am out in public.  I ask them about themselves, business, introduce my business. (Last Saturday I met a girl at the pool, I gave her a lead and she gave me one.) 

Release a new YouTube video weekly.  I also take the content and make a blog post and share it on Pinterest/Tailwind. 

I commit to networking with online business owners (2 per week) that I build relationships- there may be an opportunity to cross-promote or work together. 

Speaking Engagements- Networking with other speakers, sending out pitches

Now I will take all the above info and work it into my 90-day marketing strategy. Whatever is coming up in the months ahead, I can plan content, videos, networking events, etc!

Let’s say I am launching a 2-hour intensive. The intensive is a 2- hour call working with clients on putting together marketing plan. Launch date is March 1st.
During the month of Feb I will plan out my content for the entire month around marketing (speaking directly to the problem and how I solve it.)
On 20th of Feb I announce, I am offering a new service. I will give my followers an opportunity to pre-book with a bonus (not a discount, a bonus).

This allows you to launch a service with customers already booked!

If you desire to do speaking engagements, who do you need to be in front of? Should you enroll in Toastmasters to improve your speaking skills. Can you meet with other speakers?  Adding your goals to your 90-day calendar helps you work towards your goals! 

Who’s on board with the 90-day plan?! If you love this article and ready to jump on the 90-day marketing strategy game plan, leave a comment and let me know! 

This isn’t difficult. It is pretty easy and once you get going, you can plan out 2-3 hours each month to plan for the 4th month! 

If you are struggling with writing a strong 90-day marketing strategy, let’s jump on a call and chat. Click here to book a call!