Hi & Welcome, I’m Jessica Potts.

I am a Brand Strategist with the sole focus on Customer & Product Strategy. 

If you are an online entrepreneur. Launching digital products or services- you’re in the right place. 

In today’s fast-paced digital world it is crucial that businesses are “customer-centric” to competitively launch profitable products to market demand.

If you don’t have a Customer Strategy or Product Strategy within your brand- I am here to help you!

This entire entrepreneurial lifestyle can be a bit overwhelming. But let’s start strategizing your business to work less and make more. 


branding decoded

I am here to help you develop a strong customer focused brand & generate buzz around your launch! (No launching to crickets!)

I have launched several businesses over the years to great success and now I want to help you. By giving you the tools and strategies that will have the biggest impact for you to ramp up quickly and turn a profit.

“Jessica is an amazing marketer who enjoys collaborating to drive results. She quickly understood our unique business model, she was dedicated to the role of brand ambassador to internal and external partners, always helping us navigate nuanced relationships and discussions to push innovative marketing programs, and to find the best solution for all parties.”  

– Tracy Ng, Director of Gift Card Services Fandango

What’s your next step?

“Don’t look like this when talking about your Launch Strategy!”


I host a free community that attracts aspiring and brand new business owners, like you. I pop in on live video with tips and strategies to help you immediately start to grow and scale your business. Plus a monthly Q&A session to guide you into making the best educated decisions for your brand.

Brand Clarity Mini Book

Are you ready to take your Brand to the next level? Do you feel overwhelmed and overworked?

Don’t worry I’ve got you covered. Download my Free mini-book of the strategies you need to be successful. 



Learn more about the next launch of the 90 day Passion To Profit Mastermind! This self-paced course walks you through how to launch a unique brand in 3 short months. Plus support and mentorship!

Why Join a Mastermind?

When it comes to running a business, no one tells you that it can be a bit lonely and overwhelming!

But what if you-were were able to connect with other aspiring entrepreneurs, have one place to quickly make educated decisions about your brand’s direction?

A safe place to ask questions, share your advice and celebrate your wins. It would make this entire being a “business owner” easier and (dare I say it) FUN!

What is the Mastermind Consist of?

In my signature course I lay out the same strategies that Fortune 100 companies use to stay profitable and recognizable in a saturated market. I interviewed entrepreneurs to find what was challenging within their business strategy. I condescended the program into what I now know as the“4 PIllars of Brand Strategy” the four components every brand needs to have to stand out and shine. 

Even if you have had bumps in the-road in the past but you are ready to have the brand you dream about… this is for you!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?