//From Concept To Brand – How To Create A Brand That Stands Out

From Concept To Brand – How To Create A Brand That Stands Out

Someone recently asked me to gauge which aspect of Public Relations is the most important. There is no doubt in my mind that Branding and Brand Management are the single most crucial components to the success of any company, both large and small. To easily understand Brand; “it is the perception of how other people/society (specifically customers) view your business.”

The clients that I tend to gravitate towards and work with have left Corporate America because they have a passion and a desire to follow their dreams. When they were writing their business plans or designing the layout of their stores they were focused on what they felt was missing in their industry. There was a reason that they followed that specific path; be it knowledge, to advise, to help others, etc.

When creating a brand it is important to dive into your original passions and desires… those qualities should be what your brand represents. Writing down 4-5 key words that represent you and your business is the start of creating your empire. To give an example, Barrack Obama’s campaign had five core words that he formulated into his own “personal brand” bright, destiny, empower, overcome and undo. Those words were mimicked through his entire campaign and to this day we generally reference Obama with the phrase “New Hope” which encompasses his “brand.”

Your brand is what sets your business apart from the competition. I have been quoted as saying; “I don’t believe in competition; you started this business because you have a special niche in your industry. You have something better than they do.” With Brand X, I started the company based on knowing that I could make a large impact on the market. Working with Fortune 500 companies and watching their profits double year over year, I knew I could take those same principles and duplicate results with small to midsize businesses. I have the knowledge of working with some of the largest national brands to understanding what works and doesn’t work with marketing, product launches, promotions and more. I am able to take my wins and losses and formulate marketing plans that fit each dynamic client that I work with. More importantly I get to do a job that I am passionate about, that I love, and enables me to work with clients that want to grow their companies and be successful.

If you feel that your brand needs a refresh please contact Brand X Consultants.

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