Being Known As The Industry Expert Results In Profits

“Industry Leader” is a term that comes out of my mouth a minimum of 10-15 times per day. Recently while speaking with someone, they questioned me as to what I meant by Industry Leader. I want my clients to be perceived as Industry Leaders and actually what I strive to be everyday. So why am I so obsessed with this notion and what does it exactly mean?

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When I use the term Industry Leader, I am not referencing someone that is necessarily researching and finding a cure for diseases, or making the next “It” product, or creating the next lust worthy obsession. Being an Industry Leader simply means being knowledgeable about your market, industry, products, and staying abreast of updates, news, and happenings in your industry. Being a great Industry Leader is sharing your knowledge to add value to your current and future customers.


A great example of a company that exihibits exceptional Industy Leadership is Sephora.  I prefer to shop and buy product from them for one reason… when I go into their stores, their associates are knowledgeable about the products they sell. They give me different options. They can tell me what works for sensitive, oily,  or dry skin. Do they carry all the products I desire? No… However, there are always comparable products on the market and I am able to find a product that works for what my needs are.

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Are you sharing your knowledge with your customers? Are you setting yourself apart from your competitors? Are you sharing content, news, and product information your customers find valuable? If not… your competitor is. What are you doing to set yourself up as an Industry Leader?
At Brand X Consultants, we are looking at ways to highlight the companies we work with to ensure they are viewed as Industry Leaders. Creating new product and service lines when there is a need in the market. Creating blogs, email blast, and social media content that focuses on their industry knowledge, passions, and niche.  If you feel that you are an Industry Leader but haven’t showcased that or that you could use some help bring the Industry Leader out from within, you next step starts with a consultation. It is time to step up your game and call Brand X Consultants!   

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