Gold Digging for the Perfect Brand Message

Welcome back to the second part of the three part series on brand messaging. Were you able to create a survey and receive feedback? What are your customers saying? What are your potential customers saying? I would love to hear what you learned and how your brand is developing a powerful message to attract your ideal customer! Let’s jump back into crafting the perfect brand message.

In this series we are going to discuss what I like to refer to as “gold digging.”  To sum it up, we will be digging into your competitors reviews to see the needs/wants of YOUR potential customers!

Are you asking yourself, why would she use the words “gold digging?”

What you are about to partake in is going to put $$ (money) in your pocket (or bank account) and all it takes is a little digging. All you have to do is surf the web and take notes. Sounds easy right?  



Reviews, testimonials, case studies are all unfiltered customer feedback which will help you position your messaging to speak directly to your customers and connect! Why is this information so valuable?  If you ask people questions and want a direct response, your customers or potential customers may hold back…however, this is a plethora of anger, happiness, excitement, dismay, brutally honest feedback! 

Focus in on what people are really saying. Write down pain points that you see repeated, from bad customer service to bad products. What were the wins, what are their customers saying that they love about your competition? Dive into repetitive comments, what were people across the board happy with or what did they hate? 

Let’s look at an example to help you start thinking about what you should be looking for!

Business Concept:  Personal Training For Women (we know this is big business and a saturated market. Let’s dive in!)

I am going to first look at customer reviews on sites such as: big gyms, local gyms, and personal trainers. I will look at book reviews on Amazon to see what women are saying and the descriptive words they use.  Look at both the positive and negative reviews.  

  • I Would Rather Eat Pizza Than Go To The Gym

  • I Felt Intimidated When Walking In.

  • The Coaches Helped Me Develop A Plan That Worked For My Body Type.

  • Facility was clean

  • The Coach & I Laugh Together

  • The Gym Helps Me Manage Stress From My Job

  • I Am Able To Stay Physically Fit

  • Members Do Not Wipe Down Equipment… It Is Disgusting!

  • Limited Cardio Selection

  • They Offer Post Work Out Protein Shakes

  • Never The Same Workout

  • Staff Is Friendly & Motivating 

  • My Issue Is Belly Fat & Arm Fat

The above list is limited, I would suggest diving in and looking at 100’s of reviews to pinpoint repeat descriptives both positive and negative. How does your business solve some of these customers pain points?  How can you create a message that speaks directly to your potential customer? How can you solve the issues that they have had in the past? How can you connect with these potential customers? 

Taking the above list, let’s look at creating a brand message:

“At Gym X, we focus on personal training for women whose top priority is to be physically fit in their busy lives! With our one-on-one specialized training, we build relationships and strong bodies in our state of the art facility.” 

Social Media content/post should highlight women training one-on-one in a clean gym. Video’s of women performing different exercise with a trainer present. Testimonials describing how their energy level has skyrocketed to keep up with their bustling lives!

As an outsider, reading this brand message, I know:

  • Flexible Scheuling

  • State Of The Art Facility= Clean

  • I will Feel Comfortable Asking Questions & Learning New Techniques 

  • I Will Feel Comfortable At Any Size Coming In And Working Out

There is so much information out there waiting for you! The reviews are authentic answers to help you start to form the perfect brand message! It just takes a little gold digging!

Now that you know what to look for, go check out Amazon reviews, forums, customer feedback on products, etc.  The sites are endless! Have fun and laugh… because let’s face it, some of these reviewers need a hobby!

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