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How To Generate Buzz For Your Brand

How to generate buzz for your brand

What do you think when you hear the word “buzz” in business?

I reference the word “buzz” when distinctly discussing the chatter of  what people are saying about your brand. The more people are talking about your business, the more business you are going to obtain! While I meet with all types of businesses in an array of different industries, the majority of our clients are well established companies.

How do established companies generate new buzz if their brand is dull?

How do they stand out from their competitors?

What is going to get people talking?

What is it going to take to be the new, shiny, must have brand?

The best examples of having to “recreate buzz” are with restaurants.  Let’s face it, not all restaurants desire to create culinary perfections or to be the best of the best.  A lot of restaurants have a niche to serve a particular demographic. This provides many examples of how to re-create buzz around your establishment. Here are a few examples of items we have done in the past.

Getting The Buzz Back Into Your Brand

“Under New Management” — How many times have you driven by a restaurant and saw a blaring sign on the outside announcing the management staff has turned over or that new ownership has taken over?  The idea is to get customers back into the door! Who knows if management changed over? (I would hope so!!) Announcing they had a turnover in staff (intentional or not intentional) may make a difference to some people. This is a tactic to solely bring customers back into the restaurant. Remember, this tactic ONLY gets them into the door ONCE if you are still not delivering.. They won’t return or talk about the differences!

Creating Buzz With Loyalty Programs

“Elite Members”– Creating a members only type of feel at your restaurant or any type of business for that matter gets people talking. Everyone wants to go to the “underground” wine tasting which happens once a month for invites only. Partnering with a local wine store to create a discount on the wines that were offered in the tasting gets people TALKING about your restaurant.  What if your restaurant doesn’t specialize in wine?  Just look at other options that would make you the talk of the town such as a preview of new menu items. 

Giving out “black cards” to your most loyal customers starts generating buzz. The FOMO generation (fear of missing out) is huge! When the American Express Black Card launched, people were craving to be apart of the “elite” status. Same goes with restaurants/retail. For additional info on how to create insanely awesome loyalty programs check this out! 

Establishing Buzz With Your “Low Hanging Fruit”

“Neighborhood Bar”– One of the biggest problems I see with restaurants is they fail to pull in customers from the surrounding area that they are in. (I tend to call this low hanging fruit.) This is more focused on larger cities that have millions of people. They have a greater population to pull from, but the competition is fierce. Marketing to the neighbors and offering them drink specials, special loyalty dining programs, or any type of special event will draw traffic that doesn’t have to drive far to get to your establishment! (I live in Atlanta. The idea of NOT having to drive in Atlanta traffic is tempting enough! I am not sure why more restaurants don’t use this in their marketing campaigns!!!)

Action Plan: 

These are just a few examples of how to start generating buzz around your brand! I have included some questions below and there is a worksheet that dives in deeper that you can download. Ensuring that you are able to answer all of these questions is your first step to figuring out what the missing link is!

Chunk out 2 hours of your time and start answering the hard questions. 

1- Are you targeting the correct customers?  

2- Has your brand evolved with the times or become outdated? Rebranding is NOT necessarily a bad thing!

3- Are you making sure that your customers feel valued? 

4- Does your brand have a competitive edge?  If so, how are you marketing that niche?

Once you answer these questions (more attached on the worksheet) take a look at your competition and what are they offering? Are there any missing links?

Focus a lot of attention on how your customer experience is. After people purchase from you, how was their experience?

I recently received jewelry through the mail. When I opened the box it had scented tissue paper that instantly made me relax and think of a spa day. Not only did I tell people about my experience, but I will also purchase from them again.  This is what I am talking about when I talk about generating buzz!

Good Luck with creating a new buzz around your brand. I want to hear from you 

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