The Truth About Embracing Failure And Learning From It

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Failure has such a negative connotation associated with it.  No one likes to fail.  However, some of my biggest failures have been my greatest learning experiences and sculpted how I work.  I know that “biblioteca” is Spanish for library. I know this because I missed it on my Spanish quiz in 8th grade! We tend to latch on to failures allowing them to define who we are or who our company is. I find that people I work with on projects do not want to be associated with a failure or step up to the plate to own it. Failure is inevitable. It will happen. The amazing thing is that what you may deem as a failure may just be the first missed attempt. Failure only happens when you give up!

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I was part of a marketing campaign with a large,big name movie that was going to be a summer blockbuster (and it was..). I was working with a company that wanted their product on the movie end cap at a big box retailer. We had never cross promoted this type of product in the toy aisle of a store. We didn’t have a sure fire way of estimating product sales and essentially we were spending a lot of money “to throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks.” The sales were not successful. However, what we learned was incredibly valuable. We were able to gauge customer buying patterns. This allowed us to be better equipped for the next movie and we were highly successful. Even though some would call the sales a failure, it wasn’t. It allowed us to see what works, how we can tweak it, and be more profitable in the long run.


Being completely transparent, open, and honest with our clients is part of Brand X Consultants’ core. We may have great ideas and fantastic marketing concepts, however, not all of those will come to full fruition. Does it make us not successful?  Absolutely not. However, I will always step up to the plate, discuss why it failed, what the reasons were, and how we could possibly tweak it to perform better. It is also important to realize when it is time to let something go and walk away!
At Brand X, we strive to be successful every day, but that comes with lots of trial and error. Thankfully we have had years of marketing trials and errors enabling us to help guide our clients to not make those same failures! Are your marketing campaigns not as successful as you hoped?  We can look at it together to see what can be tweaked, changed, boosted to the right demographics, or just left alone! Reach out today for a free consultation.

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