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I meet with a wide variety of people.  Some of these people own businesses, some are my clients, some are friends, and some are just people I meet along the way.  There is a common denominator when it comes to the most successful ones.  What sets successful business people apart from the mediocre ones?  The willingness to accept that you can not do it all. Not only can you not do it all, you will not have the knowledge to run every aspect of your company. The ability to know what you are great at and the areas you are lacking will be beneficial to your businesses success. Surrounding yourself with people that are able to excel in the areas that you lack in, advise you, and teach you will ultimately make your business stronger.


My previous employers have been large corporations and I have worked with large, well known brands managing their marketing needs. The greatest aspect of being in large corporations is there is a person for everything! If I was unsure of who the demographic was or how the product needed to be perceived, we could pull together a team of people to brainstorm and come up with a solution. Smaller businesses and start-ups are a little different than this. Starting this company, I did not have those immediate resources on hand that I had at the larger corporation. If you have ever started your own company, you will understand that there is a lot of money that goes in and not a whole lot of money coming out at first!

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Why make that trade off? I started this company because I excel at marketing, creative thinking, problem solving, and consulting with businesses on how to grow their product/service lines. I understand and have connections with putting product in big box retailers, pharmacy chains, and grocery chains. I learn quickly and do research to ensure that I am up to date on the latest trends. It is important for me as a business owner to know my strengths, but what is even more important than that? Acknowledging where I lack experience. What am I not so great at? What do I need to learn? Who can I surround myself to help me learn, guide me, and ultimately work with me to have a full rounded consulting company?


The “not so great” list added up quickly once I launched! Trust me!  Payroll tax, billing, receivables, content writing (yes.. I write and I have a wonderful team member who pulls it all together with proper English and makes it readable), media connections… these were all items I not only had to learn (begrudgingly), but it was imperative to the success of this firm that I bring in additional people to meet my clients needs. Surrounding myself with a team of people that do GREAT things that I DON’T DO SO GREAT (this allows me to peacefully sleep at night.) 


What are you doing great at your company? More important, what are you NOT doing so great at?  Outsourcing your PR needs can relieve stress off of you. It will relieve you of the burden of ensuring your content is brand specific and valuable. It gives you a confidant to discuss goals and how you plan to get there. It allows your marketing to take a new turn. This leaves you with more time to do what you are really great at: Running your company!

I am in the market for “more free time” and so should you! If you feel like you could benefit from having a firm come in and consult on how to grow your business, set goals/marketing strategy to do so, and have a partner/confidant than you can trust, then you should be connecting with Brand X Consultants! You will be amazed at what we can do together!

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