When I meet with perspective clients, not only do I go through their website, Social Media, and any other information that I can find through a Google search, but I also look at other companies that are in the same industry; i.e. their competition. As I have said a million times and will say a million more times… I despise the word competition. People put way too much emphasis on

    When you hear the word “buzz” in business what do you think of?  I reference the word “buzz” when distinctly discussing the chatter of  what people are saying about your brand. The more people are talking about your business, the more business you are going to obtain! While I meet with all types of businesses in an array of different industries, the majority of our clients are well

I talk about Branding more than I talk about my family and child (yeah.. he has four legs but he is still pretty important to me), but what we don’t hear a lot of chatter about is… Personal Branding. Why would anyone choose to make themselves a Brand? How would this benefit me? Is this a lot of work? What kind of value does it add? These are frequently asked

This week’s focus is how marketing strategy is instrumental to the success of your company. Do you follow @BrandXConsultants on Instagram?  Hurry over and check out our free five part video series on “Marketing Strategy.”  Why all the focus on marketing strategy? Not having a marketing strategy is like opening a business with no business plan! Creating a marketing strategy and re-accessing your progress throughout the year will help you

Years ago there was an executive with McDonald’s who said that McDonald’s doesn’t specialize in burgers as much as being a real estate conglomerate. That is a true statement. McDonald’s flourish depends on their locations.  The chain is strategically placed for customer convenience. On any busy highway there are numerous McDonald’s that line the exits. When I am looking for an award winning burger and fries, I don’t immediately think

Have you ever thought of going to work for yourself? I meet people all the time with dreams of opening their own company. Having your company can be very rewarding, but it can also be equally difficult (and often at the same time). Putting a sign on the door, adding products, and thinking people will come in and shop is setting yourself up for failure. Not setting goals or having

I meet with a wide variety of people.  Some of these people own businesses, some are my clients, some are friends, and some are just people I meet along the way.  There is a common denominator when it comes to the most successful ones.  What sets successful business people apart from the mediocre ones?  The willingness to accept that you can not do it all. Not only can you not

“Industry Leader” is a term that comes out of my mouth a minimum of 10-15 times per day. Recently while speaking with someone, they questioned me as to what I meant by Industry Leader. I want my clients to be perceived as Industry Leaders and actually what I strive to be everyday. So why am I so obsessed with this notion and what does it exactly mean? When I use

Failure has such a negative connotation associated with it.  No one likes to fail.  However, some of my biggest failures have been my greatest learning experiences and sculpted how I work.  I know that “biblioteca” is Spanish for library. I know this because I missed it on my Spanish quiz in 8th grade! We tend to latch on to failures allowing them to define who we are or who our

At a luncheon this week, I spoke with a lovely lady sitting adjacent to me. Her family owns a prominent jewelry store. We began chatting about everything from her engagement ring to her social media (of course.) She mentioned that a company came in and gave her a proposal to update her Social Media for $40,000! I laughed… I laughed hard. Either this company was completely out of touch or

Raising money in the non-profit world can be challenging and overwhelming. If you are an avid Team In Training athlete you understand how difficult it is to go year after year and ask the same people for money! Am I right?? At Brand X Consultants we work with several non-profits in helping them create campaigns and connecting them with others that are passionate about their cause. (Above is a sticker

Have you ever stopped to think about just how many options you have when it comes to where to shop and how to spend your money? With so many options, I tend to shop at places that have a loyalty program that I find valuable. Having a program, based on valuing their customers “loyalty” and choice to shop with them, sets their stores apart from their competitors. I shop for

Creating marketing promotions for large Fortune 100 companies and small entrepreneurial companies are extremely different and yet the same. While there are obvious differences (such as going from a $5M budget to a MUCH MUCH smaller budget), there are still basic marketing concepts that work for both companies. Working with both, I have been a part of successful campaigns and some that fell FLAT… so today, I want to discuss

The general rule in business is 80% of your business comes from existing customers and 20% from new customers. So why do most companies focus their marketing budgets on gaining new clientele? Unless you are a new start-up, the focus of your business should be retaining your current customer base. Why beat yourself up month after month trying to obtain new customers when current customers are not coming back?! Yesterday,

I was recently speaking with a friend of mine who owns a company that provides marketing and other corporate analytics. We like to debate back and forth on marketing approaches, who is leveraging the market on spending, how are companies changing their marketing techniques to better suite their demographics, etc. This morning I brought up how I felt that large corporations are not effectively marketing to millennials… his response back

Someone recently asked me to gauge which aspect of Public Relations is the most important. There is no doubt in my mind that Branding and Brand Management are the single most crucial components to the success of any company, both large and small. To easily understand Brand; “it is the perception of how other people/society (specifically customers) view your business.” The clients that I tend to gravitate towards and work