Using The Interview Technique to Create the Perfect Brand Messaging To speak Directly to your customers

Create Brand Messaging that attracts your ideal customers

through the “Interview Technique”

Welcome back to the last part of the 3 part series on how to create brand messaging that attracts your ideal customers. The research you obtained thus far is going to not only be helpful for your brand messaging but also for creating products, marketing strategy, social media content, you name it. This research will prove to be invaluable to the success of your company.

This is the final blog of the 3 part series on creating the perfect brand messaging that speaks to your customers, if you don’t feel that your brand is well defined, check out my 7 day FREE workshop to help you create the perfect brand vision by Clicking Here!

In this final section we will discuss how to formulate your brand messaging around your customer’s expectations, needs and desires.

As we have been discussing, brand messaging is any and all content from social media post, taglines, advertising, sales pages, landing pages, marketing campaigns, sales emails, website information… It is any form of communication leaving your brand!

The emphasis on this portion of the series is for businesses that need to be tweaked, re-branded or re-formulated. If you have had a failed product launch or haven’t seen any organic growth it may be time to go back to the drawing board and see if your brand messaging is connecting with your potential customers.

Start attracting your ideal customers through brand messaging by using the interview technique.

Using The Interview Technique To Create Brand Messaging

With competition being fierce in the market, more and more brands are initiating and relying on customer feedback to improve their brand messaging and customer experience. How many times in the last month have you received a phone call from a brand to follow-up on services or products? Or asked you to stay on the phone to answer a few questions?

Being a small business owner the in person interviewing technique will be invaluable to your success! If you are thinking to yourself, I can just send out a survey… Surveys do not dig deep and get to the root of the problem. Lets discuss why interviewing your past customers is a great way to get answers and start to understand how to connect with them.

So who should you be interviewing? 

  • Customers who have purchased items in the past but haven’t purchase your latest products.

  • E-mail subscribers that open your sales emails but do not purchase.

If you are launching products and your sales are dismal you will need to know why they aren’t purchasing your products. It could be the price point or an array of other items but 9.999 times out of 10 it is your brand messaging! You aren’t speaking directly to your customer, you aren’t connecting with their pain points and showing them how your product/services are going to make their life better! You are not walking them through the sales cycle/funnel. 

So let’s talk about how to interview your customers to create messaging that is going to make them immediately want to BUY.

When setting up interviews, I suggest scheduling them for one hour long. In the beginning you will need to build trust. Allowing this person to open up to you is vital in getting the answers you need!  

Try to do the interview in person. If you have to do it on the phone, try to push Skype or any video call! You want to be able to identify with the customer by being able to see facial expressions and body expressions.

  • You will need approximately 7-10 interviews to be able to have Brand Messaging GOLD!

  • Take the first 15-20 minutes to get to know the customer. Discuss items such as: interest, likes, hobbies, these will help you with marketing to similar customers down the road.

  • Once the customer starts talking about a particular subject, you can direct your questions to dig deeper and reveal the source of the problem unlike a survey. 

  • Watch facial expressions and body language to help you determine how bad the pain point is.

  • Repeating back what you hear the customer saying is crucial. They will generally re-define their answer  (this is marketing GOLD).

After you document all of  this valuable information, I suggest going through all the interviews and comparing them. What were the major issues? What pain points were common?

When you are writing your sales page, landing page, sales emails you are now able to create brand messaging that highlights the pain points, you are able to walk them through the process of how your products will solve their issues and make their lives better!

You’re now off to writing this insanely, awesome brand messaging that is going to kick butt and set you apart from your competition. Speaking directly to your target audience creates a connection. Connections sells products. Remember the old saying, people do business with people they like… that is true even today… even on the internet.

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Remember today, you are awesome! Being an entrepreneur is hard. Some people won’t ever understand the sacrifice and hustle, but know that I understand and I am rooting for you!


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