//Brand Message That Attracts Your Ideal Customers

Brand Message That Attracts Your Ideal Customers

Brand Messaging That Attracts Your Target Customers

Branding your company and creating a brand message that attracts the right customers can be daunting. How many times have you sat and brainstormed on how you want to position your brand, the voice, the messaging, etc? I don’t know about you, but sometimes I tend to overthink particular subjects/topics. (I am looking at YOU! We all do it! )  

This is normal behavior… or at least I am trying to convince myself of that! 

I have heard over and over from entrepreneurs, “I don’t know how to create the right brand message.” In response to this, I have created a 3-part series on how to create a unique, brand message that attracts your target customer.

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Let’s dive into the first part. Survey’s will be your bestfriend, they will be a valuable asset to the growth of your brand. Let’s talk about how they can help you develop effective brand messaging. 

Survey’s are an awesome way to get to know your potential or current customers. They are incredibly beneficial for digging deep and finding out an array of unanswered questions that you may have. For this blog, I will be discussing the benefits of using them to create an unstoppable brand message!

Creating a questionnaire for your current customers/future customers/potential customers which ask them what their issues/needs/wants are is critical for your brand positioning and messaging. (This will also lead into marketing and creating products to best fit your customers’ needs. See how this goes deeper than just brand messaging?)

Where will I find people to fill out my survey? (See… we think alike!) Below are some examples to get you on the right track. 

  • Creating a survey for your website is one outlet to obtain feedback. This is incredibly insightful because you are able to target not only current customers but also visitors (potential customers). There are many ways you can incorporate this to your site they can be a pop up or even added to your navigation bar. 

  • If you have an email list, send out a survey to your “active” email subscribers. Active subscribers are the people who open your emails.

  • If you do not have any customers at this point nor an email list, that is OK.  There is an awesome service called Ask Your Target Audience, the website is http://www.ayta.com . For around $1,000 you will receive back 100 completed surveys.. This may sound expensive, but launching a brand, creating products, and creating marketing copy for people who will never buy your products is way more expensive!

  • There are other outlets, Facebook groups can be a great way to find individuals to take a survey! Colleagues, friends, friends of friends that would have market knowledge are generally willing to help. 

Keep in mind the basic rule: Everyone is out for themselves! What can you do for me?

You’ll need to add a little bait to this deal. Creating an incentive for completed surveys.  Think along the lines of value added items: checklist, raffle drawings, etc. 

Am I annoying my customers/potential customers?

If you are thinking… I do not want to ask my customer’s questions. This is just going to annoy them!  This is going to stump your brands growth.  Get out of your comfort zone and be a boss. 

Believe me when I say, people want to share their opinions with others and they will share them with you as well!

What should I ask to get insight on Brand Messaging? 

When putting together a survey make sure you are focusing on questions that will give you insight. Below are some do’s & don’ts, as well as some thought provoking questions when you are putting together your own survey.

  • Don’t: Throw together a survey in a few minutes. Think about your entire brand strategy when compiling questions. 

  • Do: Incentivize people to take the survey. Think along the lines of Perceived Value vs. Actual Value. To read more about that CLICK HERE

  • Don’t: Create questions to walk people down the path you want to lead them down! If you ask questions to manipulate outcomes, it will not be useful. 

  • Do: Create questions where people write in the answers.  If there are only 3 answer options, you may not be getting the entire truth, or none of the available answers may be relevant for that particular person.

What Questions Should I Be Asking?

Wow… look at you and these awesome questions!

Your brand messaging needs to encompass your vision of the brand but it has to “speak” to your potential target customers. Asking them questions that dig into what their desires are, needs are, what would make their lives better and happier is going to help you create a brand message that connects with them.

  • What type of products/services would help create more time for them? More time with their family? More time to spend on high $ activities within their business?

  • How do your products impact their lives?

  • What are their pain points? What do they struggle with?

  • What services would they outsource? What are tasks/jobs that they are doing that are time consuming but not creating high dollar revenue for them?

These are just a few questions (barely scratching the surface) to get you going on creating your own surveys.

Keep in mind that your best brand messaging is hitting your customers pain points.  Knowing lifestyles, interest, objections, etc  is what you need. Knowing your customers demographics such as age range, financial status is great… but I urge you to dig deeper.  Your brand messaging can’t be, “Hey if you are between 50 and 75 and have a bank account of $100k or…” 

To give you an example: Whole Food’s doesn’t target specifics like: 41 year olds with 2.5 kids, an income of $80,000 or more, and drive an SUV. They target their customer’s lifestyles and core beliefs to connect their brand with them. People who are health conscious and live a healthy lifestyle. People who are earth conscious. The list goes on but you see where I am going with this, right? (Not to say that the demographics don’t come into play, Whole Foods only puts stores in wealthier neighborhoods. Organic comes at a premium price!) 

This my friend is how you win customers over. You have to connect with their core beliefs through your brand messaging. 

Action Items

  • Check out Surveymonkey or Google Survey’s to make your own survey
  • Dive deep into creating questions that will help you connect with your future customers
  • Go on a validation blitz! 

 Click Here to have our blog post delivered directly into your inbox. We have two more segments in our series on brand messaging and I know you will want to incorporate everything into your business to see the WINS.  

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