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Authentic Brand Story

authentic brand story

This week I am diving into authentic brand stories.

If you are questioning how some entrepreneurs effortlessly build their business and customer base quickly? Are you are consistently implementing the same tactics and not getting the same results.

This blog post is for you!

I am here to shed some “personal” light on authentic brand stories! 

But first… I want to use an example of what an “authentic brand story” is: 

Oprah Winfery is a great example. Why do so many people LOVE Oprah. Oprah Winfrey is incredibly like-able and I’m not going to lie… I love her. (I pick up the O magazine, especially for O’s favorite things!!)

Why do so many people identify with Oprah? Let’s discuss some basic traits that makes Oprah personable:

  • Oprah overcame adversity.  She grew up in a time where black women had to work tirelessly to be apart of the professional world.

  • She wasn’t born into privilege, she worked hard for everything she had.

  • She was vulnerable, sharing personal ups and downs on National TV.  (I will never forget her rolling out that radio flyer wagon filled with 68 lbs of animal fat. And then in a short amount of time she had gained it back. )

  • Oprah’s personality is lively, energetic, over the top. The level of excitement that she conveys is intoxicating.

Oprah allows for us to identify ourselves with her. She is human, like-able, open about her struggles and success. She has created a huge brand. 

How can you get Oprah brand status… let’s jump back into a smaller level of authentic brand voice. 

My brand struggled… I was constantly looking at how to grow my email followers. How to grow my social media fans/followers. I took paid courses. Watched masterclasses. Read blogs… countless hours.

I implemented these ideas, techniques, the tried and true grit… Nothing.

When I started to really dive into my brand, the issue was that I didn’t have an authentic story.  My brand didn’t have its own personality…

  • I didn’t have my own twist.

  • What made me different from my competitors wasn’t obvious?

  • What made me unique wasn’t identified?

  • I didn’t have an authentic brand voice!

If you come from the “cube life,” this is a hard transition. Working for someone else it is all about their brand, their positioning, their story.

Conveying “your story” and being like-able is important for the growth of your brand!

authentic brand voice

Do you feel like you are floundering to make your brand voice authentic? Let’s dive into finding your unique story.

I have included a fillable worksheet to help you start developing your own authentic brand vision

Questions to start asking yourself:

  • What is your brand voice?  Is it witty, informative, passionate, quirky.

  • What is your human attribute? Trustworthy, knowledgeable, funny, blank years of industry experience.

  • How do you want other people to view you?  Professional, the “go to expert.” “I need a laugh.” Quick & easy to digest.

  • Did you overcome adversity?What made you stronger?

  • Who is your target customer? What value do they get from you?

These are the questions to ask yourself.  These answers will help you start to connect with your audience. 

The Strategy:

Take 15 minutes today and write down some answers to these questions. Give yourself 24 hours and go back and look at it again. Over time you will start to develop a strong brand voice that will convey and speak directly to your target customers.

Slowly start implementing your authentic brand story into your content. If you are funny but want to be the “go-to” expert. Create videos that are comical but informative. It won’t happen over night but over time you will create an authentic voice. 

If the struggle is real and you’re consistently putting content out there and you’re not getting feedback. This is the time to start looking at how to create a unique brand! 

I hope this helps you start to develop a strong authentic brand voice.

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