Does This Sound Like You:

You have been talking about starting your own business for years?

You have a fear that you won't be able to support yourself or a fear of not being successful?

Not sure where to start to launch your own business?

You know 2018 is your year! You want to launch your own brand and control your lifestyle!

"Once I Shifted To An Entrepreneurial Mindset My Profits Tripled!"


"Spoiler alert: you don't have to be smarter than your competition or possess superhuman powers to be a successful business owner."

Jessica Potts, Brand & Marketing Strategist


Brand X Consultants was founded by Jessica Potts, a Brand & Marketing Strategist. Formally working in Corporate America with Fortune 100 companies, such as, Fandango, Disney & Apple. 

Jessica started Brand X in December of 2015 to help other entrepreneurs brand their passions and monetize their market. Today, the company has exponentially grown and Jessica owes it to switching over to the "Entrepreneurial Mindset" and 90 day goal setting.