How To Use Personal Branding In Your Day-To-Day Life

I talk about Branding more than I talk about my family and child (yeah.. he has four legs but he is still pretty important to me), but what we don’t hear a lot of chatter about is… Personal Branding. Why would anyone choose to make themselves a Brand? How would this benefit me? Is this a lot of work? What kind of value does it add? These are frequently asked questions I receive when I speak about Personal Branding.  Here are a few tips on living in a technology based world and why you need to create a professional brand for career advancement.


Let’s use an example of an individual, we will call her Sally, who wants to change professions.  Sally has been working as a nurse for years, the long hours paired with little advancement unless she earns additional degrees has worn her down. Sally’s passion no longer is nursing and taking care of patients, so she has decided to leave the medical industry and has a desire to work as a product manager. Sally’s easiest way of transitioning over to being a product manager is to look for positions in the medical field as product managers: i.e. Pharmaceutical companies, Medical Supplies, etc.  


How can Sally stand out from the competition when interviewing? How can Sally show that she can transition her skill sets from nursing into being a product manager for this medical manufacturer?

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Resumes are great, but let’s face it, Human Resource executives receive hundreds of resumes per job these days. If you don’t have specific keywords on your resume, they can overlook you quickly!  So what are some items you can do to Brand yourself and get an edge over the competition?

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1- Social Media- Create a Professional Social Media account (LinkedIn is great for this)  where you discuss market trends, newsworthy articles, and any relevant data that shows that you are knowledgeable and interested in the industry.  (A lot of people have Linkedin accounts but do not fully use them. I highly recommend reaching out to hiring managers and connecting with them.)


2- Mentors- Finding individuals in your desired field that you can learn from and grow is important. Having a mentor that truly wants to see you succeed and will help you grow is beneficial not only to career advancement but also to personal growth as well.

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3- Target Audience- Who is your targeted audience and how can you best reach them? Knowing the answer to this question is half the battle!  I work with businesses all the time that do not know who their specific customer targets are (and we work together to remedy this)!

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4- Five Words-  When I meet with businesses the first thing I ask them is give me 5 words that you want defined as your Brand. Those five words are a part of communication, social media posts, and all content that we develop. Those five words are how you want people to think about your Brand without having to tell them the five words!


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