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Why Do You Need To Brand Your Non-Profit Campaigns

Raising money in the non-profit world can be challenging and overwhelming. If you are an avid Team In Training athlete you understand how difficult it is to go year after year and ask the same people for money! Am I right?? At Brand X Consultants we work with several non-profits in helping them create campaigns and connecting them with others that are passionate about their cause.

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(Above is a sticker that we used throughout the entire campaign. We used the color scheme navy, red and white for the entire campaign.) 

I am currently working with Cromwell Baun who is running for National Man of the Year for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. His goal is to raise $250,000 in 10 weeks. Does that seem like a lofty goal? Yes… yes it is. There are a few challenges that come with this campaign.

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  • We only have 10 weeks. Preplanning is essential for success!
  • Everything must be brand specific. In the beginning, I sat down with Cromwell Baun and asked him how he wanted his brand to be perceived by the individuals donating. From there, everything that we created or promoted was designed to fit that brand.
  • We could only collect money during the 10 weeks for it to be counted.
  • When planning we decided on targeting Social Media, events, and personal asks.
  • An additional obstacle is that everyone has their own causes for which they are passionate. Not everyone feels as passionate as we do about LLS.


How do we face these challenges? Below are some tips for non-profits or individuals that are raising money for their special causes.
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Tip 1: Social Media Accounts


Make sure that when creating Social Media accounts they all have the same name.

Brand X Consultants is on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram as @BrandXConsults. (Pick a short sweet and easy name to remember. For Cromwell’s campaign we choose TeamCromwell.


Ensuring that all the account names are the same makes it so much easier when you are ordering business cards, for any type of printed content including infographs, and for any type of post, etc. If you are limited on time… I will tell people to only commit to just ONE social media platform. It is better to do one great than poorly on three!


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Tip 2: Social Media Fundraising


When asking people for donations, you have to think about incentives. What is going to incentivize them to donate?


In our One Week Campaign Brand X Consultants put together for Cromwell, every person that donated $10 during a one week period were entered into a random drawing to win 50,000 Delta Skymiles. (When thinking about rewards try to think in a global since and not something that is very localized i.e. local sports tickets. This will allow for international donors to participate!)



Tip 3: Social Media Connecting


Think humor when posting. People are on social media for entertainment. Even if your cause may be serious, you will need to look for humor and be able to educate people intermittently with the facts!

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Tip 4: Events


Look around at your resources. See what is going to work for you and what you can successfully put together. In our campaign, we had a date auction. Cromwell had been successful in the past hosting a date auction, so he had a list of readily available contacts to quickly pull the event together.


We were able to raise $26,000 in one night at the date auction.


I find that some events just do not routinely raise a ton of money. However, it is much better to have ONE major event that raises large sums than to have several that don’t pull in enough money. That way your focus is solely on that one event and you won’t get burnt out!


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One idea to think about that is an example of a major event is putting together a relay race for your friends (think about a theme like Relay in the 80’s.) Generally you can find an open park space that you can do the event in that is cost effective. Charging your friends to participate is much easier than just asking them to donate to your cause!


Make sure the events you are hosting are not more expensive than what you can bring in!


Tip 4: The Ask


When asking for donations from fellow friends, family, colleagues, etc. make sure they know that anything they can donate would help your cause! You ask needs to pull at their heart strings.
In our online campaign, we were looking for a larger quantity of people willing to make a smaller donation. We went looking for $10 donations for a larger number of people instead of asking for $100 or more from a smaller population!

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If you are working with a specific non-profit and interested in creating a successful fundraising campaign, we can help! Please reach out to Brand X Consultants. We want to go over your goals, see what would work for you, and help you raise funds for the programs you are passionate about!

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