The general rule in business is 80% of your business comes from existing customers and 20% from new customers. So why do most companies focus their marketing budgets on gaining new clientele? Unless you are a new start-up, the focus of your business should be retaining your current customer base. Why beat yourself up month after month trying to obtain new customers when current customers are not coming back?! Yesterday,

I was recently speaking with a friend of mine who owns a company that provides marketing and other corporate analytics. We like to debate back and forth on marketing approaches, who is leveraging the market on spending, how are companies changing their marketing techniques to better suite their demographics, etc. This morning I brought up how I felt that large corporations are not effectively marketing to millennials… his response back

Someone recently asked me to gauge which aspect of Public Relations is the most important. There is no doubt in my mind that Branding and Brand Management are the single most crucial components to the success of any company, both large and small. To easily understand Brand; “it is the perception of how other people/society (specifically customers) view your business.” The clients that I tend to gravitate towards and work